Redness or swelling near the base of the umbilical cord is typically a sign of infection. Genital herpes is a common condition that can cause red bumps around the genital area. This mucus is possible around the umbilical cord stump before it falls off and sometimes continues after the stump is gone. Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service that aims to help people lose weight. should i be seen for this ?" As cysts typically come back unless the root is removed, doctors may recommend laparoscopic or laser surgery to remove the entire cyst and greatly reduce the chances of it coming back. Belly button discharge can have various colors and give off an unpleasant smell. Based in the Midwest, Shelley Frost has been writing parenting and education articles since 2007. Other symptoms can accompany a discharge, such as abdominal pain, fever, and pain when a person urinates. If you notice dried discharge around the area, use the alcohol to clean it off. Too many germs in the belly button can cause an infection, which may lead to discharge through the skin. Cysts are hard or soft growths that are filled with liquid and pus. After bathing or showering, the belly button should be dried well. Sebaceous cysts are also a cause of belly button discharge in some cases. We're sharing 6 reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your belly button. Her experience comes from teaching, tutoring and managing educational after school programs. Creams, moisturizers, and over the counter antiseptic products do not belong in the belly button unless they are prescribed by a doctor, as oils and creams can clog the pores and create the perfect environment for germs to grow. Belly button piercings may also cause a lot of trouble in some people, and the jewelry and piercing should be regularly cleaned to avoid infection. Bacterial infection. Belly button discharge should always be diagnosed by a doctor. Your son should be seen by his pediatrician because he may need antibiotics. At birth, the doctor clamps and cuts the umbilical cord, leaving behind a small stump that eventually falls off. It is necessary for anyone with belly button discharge to see a doctor. A urachal cyst may be the cause of belly button discharge. There are a few common causes of belly button discharge, which are explained below: Leaving the belly button unclean can allow harmful bacteria to overpower the helpful ones and cause an infection. 4 month old by: Anonymous. According to research in the Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology, there appears to be a link between high blood sugar and candida yeast infections. The average belly button is home to nearly 70 different types of bacteria. If your newborn's belly button bleeds, hold a gauze pad over it for 10 minutes. Diagnosing belly button discharge involves a physical exam, where doctors assess the discharge and any related conditions the person may have. If it continues bleeding actively, repeat the gauze pad for another 10 minutes. People with diabetes should aim to control their blood sugar as best they can, and should work with their doctor and endocrinologist to find the ideal medication and dosage to keep their blood sugar balanced throughout the day. Call your physician or take your baby for a checkup if the discharge concerns you or other symptoms indicate an infection. My 6 month old baby has a red belly button, ... actually she still does that at 18 months lol. A fungal infection or yeast infection may cause symptoms that are slightly different. Infections are the most common cause of belly button discharge. Treating belly button discharge depends on the cause. Bacterial infections cause a discharge that has a disturbing smell to it. Fungal or yeast infections are also typically treated with antifungal powders or creams. Noting came out. This kind of discharge may be a sign of an internal infection that needs immediate treatment.

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