#—, One interesting quirk of OSI basic was how it displayed the two-letter error codes. All these questions were very similar to the ones presented on an Intel 8080 BASIC system – after all, BASIC 6502 was a direct port. Another bug was introduced on the Apple II: All previous versions of BASIC had the input buffer for instructions in direct mode in the zero page. Repeat the last step until the assembly process outputs the same file. My very first exposure to computers was a KIM-1 while I was doing undergrad research for a chemistry professor. i.e. I’m finishing a homemade 8-bit computer with a homemade microcoded CPU, and planning to get BASIC running on it. 65U has special commands for working with ISAM files. dd if=tmp/cbmbasic2.bin of=pet/basic2 bs=1 count=8192 beq STOP Erste Schritte ... Microsoft Accessories folgen. Produkthandbuch. cp $vide_dir/lib/vice/PET/basic2 pet I would be happy about your patches. The following symbols can be defined in addition: Changing symbol definitions can alter an existing base configuration, but it is not guaranteed to assemble or work correctly. Although this is based on BASIC 1.1, just like AppleSoft I, there are a few fixes in array handling and the PRINT statement. If you have eight different versions, you can tell a lot. It is the first BASIC from an OEM that had extended BASIC which was re-sync’ed with Microsoft’s codebase. on second question/comment, is this MS BASIC the same TRS-80 (COLOR), – Extended BASIC, (COCO) and or DRAGON 32/64. All machine-specifics were properly abstracted by calls into the KERNAL jump table, the upper 7 KB of the 16 KB ROM – except for one call out into the screen editor part of the PET ROM: This code fixes the garbage collector by doing the missing ldy/asl/adc in the patch code. 1.1 fixed this by setting the flags on the value again. This will create the seven files cbmbasic1.bin, osi.bin, applesoft.bin, kb9.bin, cbmbasic2.bin, kbd.bin and microtan.bin in the “tmp” directory, which are identical to the original ROMs. bne LE633This code checks for a control-C, and is supposed to branch to an RTS instruction if no ^C is pending. Among other things, C64 BASIC used CR instead of CR/LF everywhere, and it had some better abstractions between BASIC and the KERNAL: For example, on the C64, KERNAL detects the size of memory, and BASIC queries this information through a call into the KERNAL jump table. at Bandley Drive in Cupertino. Great job! check both bytes of the caller’s address in NAMENOTFOUND, use 6 digit FP instead of 9 digit, use 2 character error messages, don’t have GET, Function names and all uppercase comments taken from Bob Sander-Cederlof’s excellent, Thanks to Joe Zbicak for his help with Intellivision Keyboard BASIC. :-), Here are the MD5s of the original binaries: Similarly, the two extra constants used for generating random numbers (CONRND1, CONRND2) are 4 bytes in all versions, which is one byte short for 9 digit BASIC. and improve some nasty shortcomings in KIM Basic, like no working save and load. AppleSoft II is the oldest version of Microsoft BASIC 2. Thank-you for sharing this ‘archiology’ with the younger people, but especially with us older ‘hackers’ who knew hacking to mean cutting into PCBs to add feathures, i.e. But he did not work on the 6502 versions so he did not know when it was added. Versions that would be very interesting to integrate would be AppleSoft II and Atari Microsoft BASIC, preferably the very first revisions of these. * It does a memory test by reading/writing memory (without preserving the data) until it hits unassigned memory or ROM – if you link cbmbasic2 to another address in RAM, it will overwrite itself. Handbücher Beschränkte Garantie. I bought a suitcase and mounted the entire thing inside so that I had a ‘portable’ computer. The string Garbage Collector was horribly broken in OSI BASIC, effectively destroying all string data – in Commodore BASIC 1, it had been binary patched for fix the problem. But the fact that Microsoft never fixed these bugs in their codebase doesn’t mean none of the OEMs fixed them. When I reached 13K, I bought Microsoft’s Business BASIC. In the first MS biography Bill Gates tells us that in one or two quarters the $10K royalty kept the company afloat. Be careful that you don’t overwrite the screen editor code. On the KIM-1, in addition to assembler, we also had MS Basic (on tape of course). The BASIC that shipped with the first Commodore PET in 1977 is the oldest known version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502. Type in the following program: 10 FOR I=1 TO 10 The Apple II was probably the first user-friendly system. Some of us had a lot of utilities, and Ham Code such as Morse Code Readers and Writers installed in place of the BASIC or as Plug-in memory that slotted into a socket on the Main PCB. I had a KIM-1 around 1980 and designed and built my own RAM boards from scratch. #!/bin/sh It has color display, sound and disk support. But what does it do? Applesoft BASIC is a dialect of Microsoft BASIC, developed by Marc McDonald and Ric Weiland, supplied with the Apple II series of computers. I have always been curious to know why they added integer variables but did not include a separate integer math unit. In most cases, you will only have to adjust a few defines (CONFIG_* and zero page locations) in your defines_*.s file to get matching output. While the LINGET and FRMEVL seem to have been unnoticed everywhere, at least the CONRND1/CONRND2 bug has been fixed by Commodore, at least as early as for the VIC-20 in 1980. 1.0. It also came with Microsoft's Basic interpreter, dubbed "Applesoft Basic", on cassette tape. This bug exists in every known version of Microsoft BASIC. First there was the “Super Expander” cartridge, written by Commodore itself, and then “Simons’ Basic”, written by a British teenager (hence the COLOUR rather than COLOR command) but marketed by Commodore. Make sure to read on to the end of the article, as it explains more about the source and what you can do with it. Microsoft created Applesoft long before it became famous for Windows. This lets you have literal strings containing characters with the high bit set and still have your programs list properly. Does that mean it is fixed? The Keyboard is such an interesting beast, to be sure. 9 digit als means that long error messages were included instead of two character codes, and the GET statement was supported. Also, the memory test pattern has been changed from $92/$24 to the more standard $55/$AA. They are very rare today. If I fix this, then the resulting cbmbasic2.bin in tmp is 8670 bytes in length and does not run in vice (x64 -basic tmp/cbmbasic2.bin hangs). After all, BASIC on Commodore computers is not standalone, but requires the services of KERNAL, especially the screen editor. between Apple and Microsoft: you start with an early Apple cassette label The Apple II shipped with two major versions of BASIC over the years: Wozniak’s Integer BASIC, and Applesoft. jsr LE8F3 It was available on tape or disk, and also in ROM in later Apple II models. If the error appears the string stack is already reset. OSI did have a high-end(i.e. They also added “SYS” to call into assembly code – Microsoft’s code had only provided the “USR” function with a similar purpose.

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