I love this !! Glow sticks have a wide variety of applications from military, to diving, to night-time fishing lures. Chemistry MCQ Question with Answer Chemistry MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explain Thermal equilibrium. Basic Chemistry introduces students to the essential scientific and mathematical concepts of general chemistry. [C]Chlorofluoro carbon [C]Butane Bubbles in fizzy drinks can only form at points called nucleation sites - these are sharp edges or bits of dirt or grime that helps the release of carbon dioxide gas. $(function(){$("#butToggle5").click(function(){$('#dvt5').toggle(500);});}); Show Answer Instructions: To take the quiz, click on the answer. [C]Albert Einstein Which among the following is the main constituent of Biogas? This gives them a pH of less than 7. The Reactivity Series is grouped based on whether the metal reacts with oxygen, water and acids. Waterproof, no batteries needed, minimal heat & inexpensive. These were nothing more than sticks impregnated with sulphur. Get yourself ready for the job openings by visiting any Analytical chemistry interview job questions and answers page. This allowed him to predict what those undiscovered elements would be like. Define Zeroth law of Thermodynamics. 6. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Chemistry: Lab Equipment webquest print page. What is the relation between volume and temperature in a closed container , when condition of charles law is not fulfilled that is pressure is not kept constant? Fast Fact: Nickel-Iron alloys are common in meteorites. These both explode on contact with water. Chemistry is a practical subject that is at the heart of our technological way of life. The earliest match is thought to have arisen in China in 577 AD. They can be neutralised using baking powder which contains sodium hydrogen carbonate - a base. Rhys Baker teaches science at Arthur Mellows Village College in Peterborough, UK. I've written about ozone before, and I know a few things about some of what you mentioned, but I've never heard of the Coke thing, and I certainly didn't know how colors were produced in fireworks! Answer: Same mass number but a different atomic number. Science is also very important from an exam point of view. Take up the quiz below and refresh your memory on what we have covered. It took forever for me to live that one down! a. Bring the two together and add the heat generated by friction, and you have a flame. $(function(){$("#butToggle4").click(function(){$('#dvt4').toggle(500);});}); Show Answer $(function(){$("#butToggle1").click(function(){$('#dvt1').toggle(500);});}); Show Answer $(function(){$("#butToggle9").click(function(){$('#dvt9').toggle(500);});}); Show Answer I love to do experiment in chemistry .......... Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on June 23, 2012: Oh, yes, the image you've created in your mind probably doesn't nearly capture the mess. [C]Oxygen [C]Tetra Ethyl Lead This sits inside other chemicals (usually hydrogen peroxide) contained by the plastic tube. All the best! @Amy: I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. It shows the metals in order with the most reactive at the top. The video shows the reactions of the first four metals in group I: Lithium, Sodium, Potassium and Rubidium. I always want to be perfect in chemistry but how can I learn it easily? Which among the following methods can be used to remove the permanent hardness in water due to calcium or magnesium sulphates? This is removed when striking the head against the box, exposing the phosphorus. Amy Gillie from Indiana on June 07, 2012: As usual, your hubs are informative and fun to read. You can change your answer if you want. A covalent bond is the result of: transferring electrons transferring protons sharing a proton sharing an electron . Safety matches are slightly different. $(function(){$("#butToggle7").click(function(){$('#dvt7').toggle(500);});}); Show Answer About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found at Chemistry: Lab Equipment. Fast Fact: The largest single firework to be set off was in Japan in 1988. As you move down this group, the reactions get more violent. When these electrons return to their normal state, they release light energy. [A]Nitrogen 7. A chemical that undergoes reactions easily is said to be reactive. [D]Helium [B]Hydrogen H = H – H is the formula used to determine a ______________. Under a microscope you can see that there are millions of tiny craters on the surface. Basic Chemistry Questions & Answers. Blues and greens are usually made through luminescence. Oranges, reds and whites are usually made through incandescence. 9. If you bend your glasses (let's say, by sitting on them...again) just pop them into hot water and the frame returns to its original shape. [B]Propane In this case, the match head contains potassium chlorate - an accelerant that speeds up the reaction. Top Ten Questions: Chemistry. This looks like just the sort of thing my kids will love. Mix nickel and titanium and you get Nitinol, a smart alloy used to make spectacle frames. This hub examines the answers to some of the top chemistry-related science questions I have been asked by my students in our science lessons. I love chemistry. First Published: April 13, 2012 | Last Updated:February 9, 2019. Fast Fact: Bee stings are acidic. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. Fast Fact: All the letters of the alphabet are used in the Periodic Table, except J. [D]Mercuric oxide i love Chemistry even though is tough i wil keep on trying,so guys let us not give up thanx. 3. [B]Carbon dioxide I run a 'fireworks' science lesson usually once a year with my pupils to demonstrate how fireworks get their colour - it is very popular! Let me know! When you snap the stick, the glass vial breaks and the two chemicals mix and react. Fast Fact: The world's largest glow stick was 8ft 4 inches tall! Click Here to Visit all updated Chemistry Questions 1. Unlike previous attempts to organise the elements by properties, Mendeleev arranged the elements in order of the mass of their electrons. It is up to 20kilometres thick and most of this gas is found in the stratosphere. Fast Fact: Diet coke works best because the surface tension in the drink is much lower than regular coke - this allows bubbles to form more easily. My future subject inahaAllah. . Online Chemistry Questions and Answers – Basic Chemistry Part 2 (26-50) 26) The largest number of molecules is in (a) 36 g of water (b) 28 g of carbon monoxide (c) 46 g of ethyl alcohol (d) 54 g of nitrogen pentoxide Answer: A. Chemistry Questions and Answers Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. First Published: April 13, 2012 | Last Updated:February 9, 2019. [C]Oxygen I Love Chemistry But It Needs Alot Of Concetration, I like chemistry but it needs a lot of revision. as you provide a great source of leaning and many of us can learn from this article about chemistry. A mento is actually not as smooth as it appears. Chemistry objective Question on May 19, 2017: Only put up short Question chemistry in Msc, I just realized Is there a sort of irony in this satire because the song "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" (the original song) is really about criticizing education and merely memorizing words and useless facts, and this song is basically used just to memorize the names of the elements?. [B]Silver nitrate Which among the following is responsible for depletion of Ozone? The number of protons in a nucleus is called its atomic number. [C]Carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide Which among the following is popularly called Hypo? Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on June 06, 2012: I need to print this out and save it for one of those times when you need details like this. Which of the following is an anti-knocking compound, that has been phased out in many countries so far? This makes alloys harder than the pure metal. If the temperature difference between the system and surroundings is zero then it is in Thermal Equilibrium. The burst was over 1 kilometre across. The ozone layer is a massive shield that surrounds the Earth, 50kms above the surface of the planet. 8. The Periodic Table is how scientists have organised the 100+ elements that make up all matter. [A]Sulphonate method Add in a little carbon and you make steel - an alloy with the strength of iron but it not brittle. [B]Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide Alloys contain atoms of different sizes, which makes it more difficult for the atoms to slide over one another. 4. 99% of the mass of the atom is held in the central nucleus, comprising the protons and neutrons. [D]Ethane 27) What are isobars? [D]Urea [D]None of these This damaging radiation is emitted by the Sun and is extremely dangerous. In the first chapter of basic chemistry of life we have been able to cover the Cellular foundation of life. Fast Fact: The group I metals are called 'alkali metals'; when they react with water they form an alkali solution.

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