The shrimps should be shelled and deveined and it is recommended to slash the belly of the shrimp three times upon shelling it so that it will not curl once it goes to the frying pan. I only used half of the total batter. Camaron Rebosado is a battered shrimp dish in Philippine cuisine that is deep-fried. Please take note though, that the pancake batter is for 1 kilo shrimp. Easy Camaron Rebosado Recipe. Camaron Rebosado Recipe Preparation. Camaron Rebosado has never been so easy like this! It is a common dish in Philippine cuisine. Some use mayonnaise with garlic too. Sweet and sour sauce is the favored condiment for Camaron Rebosado. Can be serve with plain ketchup or … Tomato Catsup is another option for a condiment. Super duper yummy with Atcharang Labanos and Knorr Crab and Corn Soup Combo. Super easy at super tipid sa oras. Camaron Rebosado or battered shrimp are individually hand-dipped in an authentic Filipino style batter that fried up golden and crispy from your stove. Preparing the dish is the difficult part of this recipe. Updated May 1, 2020 Camaron rebosado — “the Shrimp tempura of the Philippines”, is an easy seafood dish which is made out of deep fried battered shrimps served with sweet chilli or sweet and sour sauce.

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