That has become increasingly confusing in this age of relativity. Religious leaders know that all religions are equal; they know that no one of them has the monopoly to the knowledge of God. The congregation needs faith and it helps them. It is not about proving there is … Accordingly, faith is something superior to knowledge, and is its criterion. 15. “Thou shall not kill.” What does that mean? It is better to be an outspoken atheist, than a hypocrite.”, “​Blind faith may be healthy for the individual mind, but it is not religion.”, “Sometimes one needs a little bit of faith when faced with a difficult situation. It was through literature such as Black Spring that I came to a deeper understanding of my place and time and allowed me to come to where I am today and to achieve what I’ve achieved today.”, “But for all his admiration of the student’s intelligence and ability to internalize Russell’s arguments, he is dismayed by the young man’s willingness to accept those arguments without question. 13 quotes from God, Faith, and Reason: ‘God is about belief and faith. - Bangambiki Habyarimana”, “Belief in God puts our life on autopilot. Rational answers don't always work. He is a man who strongly needed god but couldn't find him. Atheism is a cry of despair”, “Apologetics=faith is weak, lets defend it”, “Yes an atheist priest can perfectly minister to a believing congregation and miracles can happen in that congregation. But within the parameters of these genetic or predetermined destinies, we have wide latitude. And I had to ask Him to save me. It didn’t happen like a boom went off or lightning struck or Charlton Heston appeared in my living room with a ticket to heaven. This book is presented in an omnibus style and does not have to be read in precise, sequential order. And that is why we need the guidebook called the Holy Bible.”, “I never saw God, nor do I pretend to have any special insights. But you don’t know where to turn. Refresh and try again. It is my scrapbook of the highest power through dreams, memories, and stories, much like the ancient texts.”, “It amazes me that people won’t even talk about it anymore. ~ Aristotle No one indeed believes anything unless he has first thought that it it to be believed. This question has plagued mankind from the beginning of recorded history. As the Jewish Kabbalists said, it’s the white between the letters, not the black ink you see, that is important. “Faith is a sounder guide than reason. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It's ok if people delude themselves; those delusions keep their day running.”, “Each mind conceives god in its own way. He doesn’t give you anything. And it took me twenty years to climb out of that hole. That's why they remain where they are and respect each other.”, “Once you believe that god is not a private property of anybody, you are on your way to becoming a new messiah. Conjecture, which is only a feeble supposition, counterfeits faith; as the flatterer counterfeits a friend, and the wolf the dog.”, “Anyone can write a holy book, if he feels god is calling him to do so”, In Search of Divinity: Journey to The Kingdom of Conscience, Volume 12. As we spoke, and I looked into his startlingly blue eyes with a shock of white hair, I asked him (he told me his name was Moses), “Moses, do you believe in God?” He looked at me in a puzzled manner and replied, “Who do you think created me?” That solved it for me. But as you get older, as things happen to you, as things break in your body, you want to turn to somebody. This is a great insight into the revolutionary ethos, especially insofar as it is found in the minds of the young. Well, if you read the original Hebrew, the word is “murder.” The commandment is “Thou shall not murder.” It does not say, “Thou shall not kill.” They are two completely different things. There seem to be no mores that are considered universal. These people are unable to live a double life; they are unable to lie to themselves. They are all inspired according to their gods.”, “God has not yet revealed himself to no one in no unclear terms. When you associate your mind with greats, your mind improves, your mind goes to new places. Reason can go only so far, but faith has no limits.” - Blaise Pascal “If we cannot believe God when circumstances seem be against us, we do not believe Him at all.” - Charles Spurgeon There seem to be no mores that are considered universal. It takes some knowledge of the history of both the Hebrew language and of the prophets themselves to properly interpret not only the Ten Commandments but mankind’s guidebook for life on this earth, the Bible.”, “When you’re young, you can believe in nothing except your pleasure center. “Faith is a firm trust and conviction that sometimes if God doesn’t give you what you think you want, it’s not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better.” – David A. R. White Maybe your own if not the world's”, “If you give your all and it still doesn't work out in your favor, trust that God has something better.”, “One man's faith is considered idolatry by another”, “Religion should teach about hope to come for all, not terror for some”, “We all want to become more than we are, we want to live forever, that is why we hate death and create the afterlife.”, “An atheist is someone who is disappointed in his search of god. “There is no one who is insignificant in the purpose of God.” – Alistair Begg 16. Can that be so? The college campus rebel bravely questions the existence of God or long-standing societal customs but never thinks to question that which he seeks to replace them with.”, “Reading this dialogue did something good for me. No wonder religion has a wide appeal; most of us are lazy and would like a supreme being to be in charge”, “From the club of what atheist call false hope and false god (which offer solace to weak minds), atheist are calling you to their club of no god and no hope (which offers nothing in return. That’s the norm. “If we believe that god is the creator of evil, maybe there is evil also in heaven, if that is the case, we are not out of the woods yet”, “There is nothing behind the curtains of religions, people put there whatever their imaginations can fathom”, “All religions are man-made; God has not yet revealed himself beyond doubt to anybody.”, “Atheists are the most honest of the human race. Faith Vs Reason Quotes Quotes tagged as "faith-vs-reason" Showing 1-30 of 50 “If we believe that god is the creator of evil, maybe there is evil also in heaven, if that is the case, we are not out of the woods yet” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity By reaching out to God, maybe you can help yourselves.”. There may be as many variation of the god figure as there are people in the world”, “Why doesn't the pope convert to Calvinism? Read all of them. Sometimes scientists build theories on the premises of faulty assumptions until they discover they were in error and begin again from square one until they discover the true theory. There are no cheap thrills here for the spiritually bankrupt masses. It would be evil to deny them such a service in the name of his lack of faith. That’s something very hard to comprehend unless you’ve thought about mysticism.”, “But this is very important for you to know: When I was down and out, I had to go down to the core of my being and reach out to the man upstairs, to put it colloquially. See, God helps those who help themselves. “God is about belief and faith. Losing our faith puts off the autopilot, we have to run it manually, and check if everything is alright for ourselves. “Faith doesn’t always mean that God changes your situation. Look at the Ten Commandments. Why doesn't the Dalai Lama, convert to Christianity, why doesn't Billy Graham convert to Islam, Why doesn't the Ayatollahs convert to Buddhism, Why isn't Buddhism swept away?

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