Every year, we struggle to limit the types of tomatoes we grow, and every year we end up growing way too many. Sometimes, we have thousands of tomato plants just because we can’t help ourselves! The La Roma plum tomatoes were firm and non-juicy but packed with flavor. A: Both are hybrid tomatoes that were developed to perform better than “open pollinated” types. Growing tomatoes at home is not difficult, but choosing the right varieties can be. Better Boy-My all-time favorite for reliable prolific fruit.This one seems to thrive in the worst conditions and keeps on producing. 1. ... Read More about Five Tomato Varieties Better Than Better Boy Obviously, we love to grow tomatoes. The sixth, Cherokee Purple, is the only non-hybrid on the list. Dr. Oved Shifriss developed ‘Big Boy’ while working for W. Atlee Burpee & Company. It is one of the most delicious open-pollinated heirloom tomatoes and a winning favorite at taste contests. They are perfect for fresh tomato sauce, soup and tomato paste. Q: What is the difference between Big Boy and Better Boy tomatoes? Better Boy Hybrid – This improved version of Big Boy is more resistant to common tomato diseases, but still has Big Boy's extra-large fruit. It appeared in 1949. Big Boy vs Better Boy Tomato.

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