Many parents live in separate states & raise their children together successfully. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJA) dictates how courts handle custody decisions when the parents live in two different states. This is especially concerning when one of the parents lives in or plans to relocate to a different city or state; anytime parents live more than about 50 miles from each other, this can be a major issue. All too often you hear of people who left home solely for the purpose of going to college or to accept a job in a different state, yet wound up settled down with a family in that very state before they knew it! Where the parents reside is one of those factors. It’s hard enough to co-parent … The UCCJEA was enacted to prevent a parent from moving the child to another state just to re-litigate the issue of custody in that state’s court. For example, California follows an “Income Shares Model” when it comes to determining how much child support is paid. How Child Custody and “Home State” is Decided. Support payments are ultimately decided by the court based on a variety of factors. Online community for divorced moms and single mothers, advice on Relationships, Health, Beauty, Sex, Parenting, Finances, Divorce Blogs, Resource Articles and more. may no longer serve them well; parents who were living together in a large metropolitan area may no longer be able to afford the cost of living on their own. Parents who were living together may have put their dreams on hold and previously turned down a job offer in a different state for family’s sake. These other states follow either a Percentage of Income Model or a hybrid of the two. Karie Boyd is the founding partner of the Boyd Law firm with offices located throughout the state of California. Once the child’s home state issues a custody order, that state keeps jurisdiction over the case. Child Custody: When Parents Live In Two Different States. job, the cost of living, etc.) When families become divided (when the parents divorce or otherwise separate), one of the most important issues that must be decided is where the children will live. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. “How Is Child Custody Decided When Parents Live in Different States?” January 18, 2016. The Act gives courts the authority to determine which state is considered the child’s home state. They are far from boilerplate and specifically tailored to the needs of your family only.The purpose of the parenting plan is to address the concerns of both parents and make sure they are on the same page when it comes to raising their children., Stay-At-Home Orders and COVID-19: A Nightmare For Victims of Domestic Violence, Why I Stayed So Long In a Psychologically Abusive Relationship, 10 Completely Legal Ways To Get Back At Your Cheating Husband. But how do you successfully raise children your children together from two different geographic locations? How Is Child Custody Decided When Parents Live in Different States? But what happens when the family divides? How Child Support Jurisdiction is Decided. For example, relationships can include teachers, grandparents, friends, doctors, and other people. Bottom line is, When opportunity knocks, sometimes you gotta answer! The UCCJEA Determines In Which State Your Child Custody Matter Will Be Decided When Parents Live in Different States. Why Women Initiate Divorce More Often Than Men, The Virtues of Vulnerability During Divorce, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJA). The key to making this work for the best interest of the child is to ensure that there’s a parenting plan in place that includes frequent contact with the parent living in a separate state & a set visitation schedule that’s made into a court order (to protect everyone involved.). Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Child Custody: When Parents Live In Two Different States, on Child Custody: When Parents Live In Two Different States, how to get custody of child in another state. Some parents may not “find themselves” and figure out what they really want to do with their lives until after their marriage or relationship ends and may discover new opportunities that can change their life for the better. Not only do you decide how your children will spend time with each of you, you must decide how support payments will be paid and how much will be paid. The whole family lived together in the state where the. And if all they have in that state are their children and their Ex’s family, sometimes going back “home” to be with their immediate and extended family who will support them through such a trying time may be best. The Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (or the UCCJEA) has been adopted by all states and the District of Columbia. For example, if the parents and child … You need to decide which state will handle support: the home state, or the state where your ex lives. For more tips on successful co-parenting, check out my book: “The Business of Co-Parenting”, Subscribe to this blog, and my newsletter! Most states follow this model, but there are some that do not. When parents live in two different states, it is usually impossible for the child to live with both parents equally. If you are in the middle of a custody battle for your child and in need of help, contact an experienced family and divorce law professional for help. The parent lived in that state when the parents applied for the custody order. So parents who live in different states (and by “living in different states” I’ll assume that means parents that live a long distance away from each other, not just over the state line from each other) could still be awarded joint legal custody of their child, but the odds of being awarded joint physical custody … Oftentimes, parents are making a transition from living together in one household to living in two separate households. What Happens When One Parent Wants to Move Away with the Children? The UCCJEA Determines In Which State Your Child Custody Matter Will Be Decided When Parents Live in Different States. A judgment can only be made in one state, and once the decision is made, no other state can modify the judgment. Like this article? ©2019 Divorced Moms. Now that you’ve gone through the legal process of modifying your custody order to accommodate a parent’s relocation, you face the daunting task of long-distance co-parenting.

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