Use … The scope of this curriculum includes defining the computer science syllabus for the SSRVM schools and creating the learning material (lesson outlines and worksheets) for each topic. a modern computer without having to learn all the details of how the hardware works The link between the hardware and you, the user Makes the computer easy to use without having to understand bits and bytes! • Standards K-12 in SSRVM schools in urban areas. Objectives: Learn about computer hardware/software and develop working knowledge of computer terminology. Thus, it is beneficial to systematically study various ways of computer use among teachers in order to realize the paradigm shift in the Class will provide basic instruction from turning the computer on, to using the mouse, to performing basic computer tasks. Software Component Applications software An application program is the type of program that As a result, fostering technology usage among individual teachers remains a critical challenge for school administrators, technology advocates and policy makers. A Beginners book on computing and computer usage targeting new computer users. • Schools following the ICSE system. 2 For more advanced curricula, such as the AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A courses certified by the College Board, at beginning computer users. 1 Two curricula in the Elementary School section—Museum of Science Elementary Computer Science and STEM+C Integrated Modules—are still in the pilot stage. The scope is currently limited to: • Computer science as the subject. for computer integration in schools.

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