Most adjustable bases come in three sizes (twin XL, queen, and split king). I already spent $6000 on a bed & now you want me to buy more products! I love them both! Heats up very quickly after you lay on it, stays hot while getting up to go to restroom. When I called Tempurpedic Customer Service to get them to apply the coupon, they said I had to do that before I ordered the sheets, not after. We have the TemperBreeze King, LuxeBreeze Max Cool in the firm variant and for Katy, Texas - it just is the BEST. Don't even think about the price. After months of getting mislead and bounced between the retailer and manufacturer, here I am in the same position. I highly recommend the Luxe Breeze Firm! I exchanged my firm for the soft breeze and am in heaven! I had two disc broken in my back due to a car accident 12 years ago and I purchased a pillow top mattress which was okay but I could never really feel rested when I got up. I love this mattress. Greatest sleep ever!!! I suffered from chronic morning back pain for years but no longer! Return policy is not customer friendly! That being said, we have been in ours for a little over a month and both of us are really enjoying waking up each morning painless. Also our first 'soft' Tempur-Pedic. We ended up returning it. So glad I did. It has been great! it's cool, not so soft, not so firm and really helped me with my body adjustment and pressure points. Oh, PS, everyone at this company is so nice. Wonderfully comfortable and supportive at the same time!!! Although it is a little more comfortable than my previous mattress, I certainly do not find it a "transformative" or life-changing experience. Love Temper-pedic breeze because I can move all I want without affecting my husband's side of the bed! Their foams are high quality, though there is a major price barrier for some sleepers.Over the years, they have released newer and newer models with the feedback they get from sleepers. I'm simply a thoroughly satisfied customer who spent 7 years in the desert and rediscovered paradise, haha! I'm told sleeping on your stomach causes your back to arch and leads to back pain). Bought for the cooling feature. Now it was just a matter of what model to go with. We wanted to make a change from a mail order foam mattress that we had been using for about three years due to back pain. We can move without pain or disturbing eachother, its completely silent. $3,399.99. When you finally realize you spend half your life in your bed and you should be getting the best sleep possible. Waking up everyday with a sore back isn't just apart of aging, it's your mattress! I had a Tempur-Pedic for over 10 years and when it was time to replace, I thought I could save some money and go with Casper...then Purple3. I have wanted a Tempur-pedic bed for many years but could not afford it. Invest in your health and change it for the better! Tempur-pedic does not. Loses its firmness and support in a year, Bought a $4,500 mattress that seems to be used, Research customer reviews on the Tempurpedic warranty. I can't think of anything i don't like or would change. It is worth every dollar. Causing back problems I've not had with my previous firmer mattress. Only thing missing is pillows. I called both parties prior to the expiration of the 90-day guarantee and was told that it was extended due to the fact that trying another mattress wasn’t an option. Both of these start at over $3000 which is a high price for the materials. It is like butter when rolling a cob or corn. Only cool to touch. The pros: Better cooling than the Adapt models. Husband has never felt so good, wish we bought one years ago. I am not satisfied and would not recommend at all. Thank you. He will sleep through my alarm and will sleep until after 7 am! Both sleep cool and are a nice compliment to the new mattress. Nothing beats a great nights sleep on a quality bed. The best investment. Exchanged it for the Pro Breeze Medium and it is wonderful. So we decided to try the tempurpedic even though the cost was higher, and boy has it paid off. The past month has been amazing since I have been sleeping on my new PRObreez Medium. Our first memory foam purchase was the Casper hybrid but it was too firm for my wife. My wife and I knew that the Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze was the mattress that we were going to purchase from the moment that we laid on it. Tempur-Breeze Mattress Review. This is our second Tempur-Pedic and we love it as much as the first. My other concern was back pain; I think this is definitely better. When you first lay down on the mattress it will be as cool as the room ( I had mine set at 77 degrees) I checked this with a Raytec temperature gauge and the mattress was the same temperature as the room at 77 degrees. For those 7 nights I had a sore neck, upper back, and lower back. Did it drive me crazy! What a wonderful quality made product and the outstanding customer service that I have received from the support team is nothing short of excellent. The mattress is very comfortable. No more sweating in bed either. Nothing is comfier than my mattress. This is our second Tempur-Pedic. This is absolutely the best bed that my wife and I have ever owned. Is a split king adjustable bed worth it? Our Tempurpedic is exactly what we knew it would be. It has been a Match Made In Heaven every since. This either is our 4th or 5th Tempur-Pedic the first time that we bought a luxe breeze this is the best mattress on the market. Conclusion: it works! Go ahead, take the plunge, water is just fine, you won't regret it!! The cons: Higher prices than competitive mattresses. For the price you pay, this bed is a big let down. The mattress does very well of dissipating heat and providing pressure relief all throughout the night, I wake up feeling more rested than ever. I have not sweated in my sleep on this new mattress. At first it was a little hard. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and sleeping has been a painful issue for me. I am not happy about my purchase. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. I'm 5' 11'' and 170lbs. I run hot, and the bed does absorb my body heat. The fit is a bit loose but with the top sheets now fitting snug, this corrects that issue. You can only submit a claim if there is a visible sag with no weight on the mattress. Now we all wake up very well rested! Do it now! The cooling effect really works as I don't wake up any more in a deep sweat. I had heard good things from other family members who had tempurpedic mattresses, but didn't really think much of it. I wish I could say the same for the Luxebreeze soft that I purchased recently. It is actually hard for me to believe that a mattress could be this comfortable. Better nights rest equals better quality of life!!! The cons: Some have issues with this mattress being too firm and/or sleeping too warm. We've never invested so much in a mattress like this but after only a few nights, we both can tell it is worth every penny. We bought the matching pillows, and they smelled even worse than the mattress. Please give the bed a chance if you are not used to it. I would not say I am sleeping hot because it is a hot time of year in Texas but I can't say I am cold either. The mattress is firm to support you but molds to your body perfectly. I only wish I'd bought one years ago. In addition, there are two 4 … I love the products and the warranty too is great. Although the bed is very cool at first, I wish the mattress stayed cooler all night. Have had this bed for about a year watch up every morning with my back hurting!! What is absolutely fantastic about this one, was the fact that it came in the mail! Take care of your body, it will thank you! When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. My contact at Metro Mattress keeps telling me that management will be in contact with me and that never happened. I haven't slept well after my surgeries until I got this mattress. We awake so refreshed. Exchanged it for LuxeBreeze 8•. Some have issues with sinking into the mattress and having feel disagreements. We could not be happier. I believe that our old mattress was more comfortable. Chronic lower back pain and hip pain finally convinced me to place an order. Make the investment you will thank yourself many times over!! I've slept on a temper-pedic for 10 years now. The sales person told us never rotate your mattress that’s a lie if you don’t you have a hill in the middle just wish I knew then what I know now !!! Hate it!!!! Went from a 7 yr old Serta I comfort to a tempur-pedic luxebreeze soft, and Wow what a difference, we absolutely love our bed. Yes, I still get hot during the night but, the sweating isn't anywhere like before. Just give it a little while to break in. I thought it might be too soft, but it was just right. Yes pricy but worth every penny. Investing and taking our sleep to the next level of quality is life changing. I also bought the cooling pillow ! Love this mattress, we sleep much better and the sheets are a wonderful feet and soft like silk. I bought this mattress because It was suppose to be cooling.

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