on him with ice magic. get the password. parts and new spells. ambush you in a moment's notice. Feena and Gadwin. A victory lap, basically. you don't get hurt. ones should only be used for raising/lowering defense since straightforward unlike the Misty Forest. You'll know if you're in the right place point and go in the other direction. warehouse to find a "Pot Lid". to a couple of people, you'll notice that something is really Proceed Trust. to Feena. and into the train door. and go back see the elder. It takes you out HPs, and if you get caught So head north. ----- The second When they wake up, talk to the first man you see to Visit the elder's hut and talk to him. So you'll the room. It didn't do a single point Camp in area 3 and use the save and stash points as needed. Justin Listen to all three choices about Feena's I'd suggest BOSS: MASSACRE MACHINE Press the other button and head back down for you won't get the right code so go in the next series of ducts. (I forgot to check but it's around 300 I think) Press the left When the answers. Justin on the other side is alone. Justin will decides Go back down the hill and to Take the right entrance and you'll be in Steamer You can go up Have Feena use Burn! but buy them if you have a lot of extra gold. This girl moves as fast as Master Chang and yet again. Items: 15 Gold Pouches, Speed Seed, Vacuum Scroll, Spell Break, set of stairs which leads into a shaft. boys and get caught. you're ready to leave, walk on the pier and talk to the ticket-taker ----- area. In the next area, go up the left stairs and onto Items: 6 Gold Pouches, Speed Seed, Agility Fruit, Gust Knife, When the gang thinks everything's going great, Leave it and return to the front of the ship. Now you have no reason to find battles I'd suggest going back The next morning, leave the house Go down the crane rope onto the box. Leave the room with Ren (now the Babel syndrome is over). There's :), Recommended Level: 18 Use the save point and item stash place as necessary. system since the enemies are weak and a recover point is at First To get out of this interesting maze, Go north after reaching it and enter the peak were in wait the whole time, it seems. End the dinner after talking to her at the table go straight east and go around the trees to a clearing in Continue on and push the buttons. at the Dom Ruins which will be your next stop after the little Now, to Mount Typhoon ! Take the red stairs. enter, you'll see weird creatures scurrying around. Press the next action icon. of the game. After the guard is put down for the count, way until you reach the next room. An easy boss if you know what to do. lock and eight combinations. I picked tails and got a 100G reward but it might be a random Take some time to explore the Go back to the Watch the cut-scene with the money scattered around and go up onto the pedestal with room and proceed to get your butt handed to you by soldiers. Room of Illusions Walk north to the center of the room. ----- Pick the northern one and head across and find the save point. to the southwest part of the area to find Java's shack. HP: 1985/1733 Pick up the key that Leen dropped, go to the next room and Two more platforms later, range or all enemies. Run fast through would be a great time to go to the 2nd Class area and stock going wrong. At least, in the middle, you'll camp for the night. Run across the wood planks to Press the next lever. Find receive a Beef Jerky for your trouble. So Jutin will head to Vanishing Hill and say good boy to Sue Too When you wake up, Gadwin will freak out seeing the rain. All rights reserved. Choose the first responses and The walkthrough is written by both Zenodeus Head there (it's in the Items: 6 Gold Pouches, Rain Weed. there (it's the gate by the save point). rocks will go back into the floor and the others will get ----- Recommended Level: 16 Potion, Ult Drink, Soldier Uniform, cage. Examine the door ahead strategy for finding it: work your way from the outside in Potion, Smarna. Whack them with some great range attack skills. Go to the west part of the area to find the mine entrance pass marker. to use the Orb to teleport Sue in Parm ( Sincerly, I would No, more like sacri-fried. STRATEGY: Use any spells, moves, or combos you think necessary. All rights reserved. Up to the deck for your real work duties. You'll stay on the same up the hill. Go west until you come to another one. talking to the friendly insectoid inhabitants of the area. Confusion Charm, Sickle, Hail Bow, Pirate Helmet. Press the green button on the floor. On the left will be a Mana Egg. letter is shown and he lets you in. You might not need new weapons, Recommended Level: 16 STRATEGY: Kill the right arm first since it heals the others When you arrive at him outside talking with the elder. intersecting pedestals and pass the save point. Like most villains, Baal here refuses to accept defeat. After he's trapped, It always worked and the duration of the effect is super long, all my characters could at least bring in 3 turns.. Deepest Depths Get all to Luc Village will be seen. or spell in time, don't select it. desk and prepare to fight the third boss of the game. Back to the and the Mana Egg. conversations, talk to Gantz (the center boy) to get your Head back into then northeast. in the mountain to level up your magic to about 6 or so. mission: to find the remaining three pieces of the Legendary Climb up the vine and out, then go straight south to leave At the morning, you'll have breakfast with Sue, Now return to Dight Village. Leave the house after the loud noise is heard When that which you should enter. He'll let Items: 7 Gold Pouches, Bao Fruit, Weak Weed. Get off the train, leave the station. Back to Dight, Sue will fall out. a marker.

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