Jae opts for a two-microphone approach when miking up the kick drum. If the kick drum has a hole in the front head, interior placement is an easy way to capture a punchy and consistent kick drum sound. Choose the right kick drum. Shure SM7B A Shure SM7b (inside the kick aimed at the beater) and AKG D112 (in front of the kick… Place the mic 2 to 3 inches away from the inside head and a couple of inches off center. For a super-low-end kick drum sound the best placement is at the hole, just on the outer side of the front head. This is the standard way to mic a kick drum if you have the outside head off or if a hole is cut in it. It’s … Near the inside head (left illustration): If you take off the outside head or cut a hole in it, you can put the mic inside the drum. There are a couple of ways you can use a kick drum microphone inside of the drum but in this case, you're looking at mic'ing the drum without that hole. Taking the resonant head off completely or using a head with a mic-access hole means that you can easily mic up the batter head to get a prominent beater 'slap', while the kick drum's shell helps keep spill from other instruments to a minimum. But there are a couple of easy tricks we can use with an instrument like this to improve and achieve an even more precise and accurate result. The most obvious method is to place the microphone just up to the resonance head as close as possible without getting touched by the drum head when it's played. When learning how to record a kick drum, realize there are no rules.

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