How do you know if you have a long growing season? How to Grow China Aster for Color in the Late Summer Garden, How to Grow Pansies and Violas for Multi-Season Color, How to Grow Anise Hyssop: A Flowering Perennial Perfect for Borders, Get Your Daily Dose of B Vitamins with These Homegrown Vegetables. Dampen the soil and sow two seeds an eighth- to quarter-inch deep every 6 inches. Over the course of a week, gradually increase their exposure to direct sun and wind by about an hour a day, until they outdoors for the entire day, placed in the location where you intend to plant. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. Starting marigold seeds indoors is pretty easy, but it does require a few materials and supplies. Marigold seeds are large and easy to handle. This information is usually located on the seed packet. The petals of this French type are dark orange with yellow edges, and its double blooms measure 2 to 3 inches across. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. If you’d rather forego an indoor seed starting project, there are some cases where you can get away with sowing marigolds directly into your garden: Let’s talk more about that last point. While mature marigolds may be able to tolerate just a tiny amount of frost, young seedlings are generally more sensitive and it’s better not to risk exposure to the cold. How to Plant Marigold Seeds. Level out the soil and pat it gently to firm it up. Make sure to water every day until seedlings emerge. Step 3 - Plant the Seeds. If you decide to sow directly into your garden soil, plan on doing this about a week or two after your last average frost date. Make sure you check out our complete guide to growing marigolds. There are fewer steps involved, fewer materials required, and you avoid the risk of transplant shock. Here is more about what we do. Once the marigold seedlings appear, remove the plastic wrap and move the tray in a bright place. You’ll find ‘Queen Sophia’ seeds in a selection of package sizes at Eden Brothers. You’ll need to leave more room between each plant if you are growing larger varieties. However, flowers will develop more striking colors if they are planted in full sun. You’ll find the ‘Durango’ mix, and an assortment of other ‘Durango’ colors, in packs of 1000 seeds at True Leaf Market. Scrape back a little bit of soil to use for covering the seeds. Here are a few tips for you to get started: About a week before you wish to transplant your seedlings, start hardening them off outdoors to acclimate them to their new growing conditions. She is a Certified Permaculture Designer and a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Excess fertilizing will encourage increased growth of foliage but less number of flowers. Mulching also protects the young tiny plants from slugs, snails, grasshoppers and frost. You’ll enjoy gorgeous blooms early in the season, whether you sow indoors in flats or outdoors in the garden. [1] X Research source Product photos via Burpee, Eden Brothers, and True Leaf Market. These seeds are light and airy, and that can be easy to do! Seems like a good deal to me! If you’re dealing with heavy clay, mix in some compost to help with drainage. Water daily with a spray bottle to prevent water logging and alleviate the risk of damping off. Alternatively, sow your seeds in raised beds. Here’s a more precise way to find out if you have time to sow these annuals outdoors: Compare the number of frost-free days in your area with the number of days the plant needs to reach maturity. The flowers of this variety start out red, and then transform into a lovely pinkish-yellow hue. So, what have you decided, gardener? Pat and smooth the soil gently, and water lightly with a watering can, or using the gentle shower setting on your watering wand. Do not sprinkle water on the flowers and foliage. I generally feed my marigolds with a liquid fertilizer high in potassium. Water the plants deeply until the water comes out of the drainage hole. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Durango. Place groups of 3 or 4 seeds on the prepared soil, spaced 6-12 inches apart, depending on the mature spread of your chosen variety. The three main species of marigolds found in US gardens are the Mexican (sometimes called African) marigold, Tagetes erecta, the French T. patula, and the signet marigold, T. tenuifolia. This also helps to protect me from the sun too! In consequence, you need to meet these requirements before you start the process of how to plant marigold seeds. Wait until early spring is over, and the danger of a spring frost has passed. Marigolds do not require fertilizers if planted in a rich soil. When you just can’t decide which type of marigold to grow… So if you have a short growing season, start the slower maturing varieties indoors, and for direct sowing, consider a faster maturing variety.

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