I actually think the skins enhance the flavor. If you prefer more oregano, a hint of basil, some black pepper, or even the flavor of bell pepper, add it. Saw this in the local Sunday paper. I had about 5 pounds which was pretty close. Every summer I anxiously await the first of the red, ripe tomatoes from our backyard garden. It’s hard to go wrong when you start with fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes. It’s delicious! I kept what I could use in a week’s time and gave the rest away. My six year old son helped me make this sauce from fresh garden tomatoes. Thanks. Perfect for outside fun! It is delicious! Thanks!! Hi Carolyn, Given their pH level, high pressure canning is often recommended for tomatoes. This recipe may be doubled or halved based on the amount of tomatoes you have. She had excellent results and posted photos of 2 gallons of sauce! I’m delighted you made several batches—how great it will be to pull them out of the freezer this winter. Thanks for taking the time to share it! So I was thrilled when one grateful recipient requested the recipe because her daughter enjoyed eating it as soup! Serve! 2. Thanks for letting me know, Tracey! When freezing, consider using an assortment of container sizes to match a variety of future recipe needs. Return back to the pot and taste, adding more salt as needed. I will give it a whirl though! Thank you for the wonderful feedback and glad your son is a fan! Shortcut Blender Tomato Sauce. I’m delighted this provided an easy way to enjoy an abundance of tomatoes, Gale - and that you agree about the skins! I love your idea of adding cream to make soup. Red-Eye Barbecue Sauce. This recipe may be made without the olive oil, but it does enhance the flavor while providing heart-healthy fats. One day towards the end of last winter, my husband noticed that the door had been left ajar. Not only do they take up very little space, but they’re also a breeze to clean and have so many smart uses. Fantastic sauce! :), Home made tomato sauce makes a huge difference in Italian style cooking - pizza, pasta, meat dishes. Thank you! Donnie (who asked a previous question about this) actually posted pictures of her crock pot success on my Facebook page. If it doesn’t cook down/thicken enough, I would eventually remove the lid and cook, stirring occasionally, until it’s as thick as you like. It wasn’t until I owned an immersion blender that I realized how truly versatile and convenient they are. Can this be processed in a boiling water bath as for canning? To serve: Use on pizza crusts, in pasta dishes, spread on toast for a snack. i use an imulsion blender or as emeril calls boat motor to blend whole tomatoes into sauce EASY. An immersion blender is useful for blending soups and sauces into smooth purees. Stir to combine. I have so much basil in my garden. Thanks so much for your feedback, Mat! I’m delighted that you made it and love your addition of sweet peppers, Kat. It was a great base to add some ground beef, some other veggies and spices, and mostly importantly, the family loved it! The strainer smashes the tomatoes and separates the skin and seeds from the usable tomato flesh. It was divine! Then just as we’re packing for vacation, the plants begin to bear fruit in earnest. I doubled the batch and cooked in the crockpot . This is awesome! I am sure I used this recipe in my most requested sauce that I could or remember. Thanks. The processing times were all tested without skins in the sauce. This worked perfectly, and I do agree that the skins add their own great depth of flavour to the sauce. Could I add some? The last time I made this sauce, I used two teaspoons of sugar instead of one to see how that affected the taste. I shared it on fb too! Try adding a little extra sugar…and maybe even a glug of balsamic vinegar. I'd like to see Mike make this... haha. I have a garden that just produced 5 different kinds of tomatoes today and I wanted to use them up. A slow cooker will hold the moisture in, so I don’t recommend for this recipe. I’m not a big fan of cooking so this recipe is awesome. It was very watery after about 8 hours. Feel free to share your feedback here if you try! Hi Maria, It’s important to cook this uncovered so that the excess moisture cooks off and the sauce thickens. Acid can be added directly to the jars before filling with product. What a Great basic sauce! Can this recipes be safely canned ( without the oil)? Simply blend larger quantities in batches and choose a pot that accommodates. I love this recipe. This worked really well. It’s cooking on the stove now and smells delicious. The strainer smashes the tomatoes and separates the skin and seeds from the usable tomato flesh. It's also handy for blending fruit for smoothies, herbs and nuts for pesto, and fresh or canned tomatoes into sauce or salsa. Was wondering could you do a double batch and let it simmer in the crock pot on low for several hours? This can be as chunky or as smooth as you prefer. Once cool, refrigerate or freeze for later use. I hope that helps! When I was given all the tomatoes I found out how to freeze them. I thought it was a little too much, so I added a teaspoon of white wine vinegar to offset it. I have so many cherry and grape tomatoes in my garden right now, and was looking for a way to store them without having to run it all through a sieve. I was actually going to ask if this could be made in the crock pot! Texture: Slowly simmer the sauce for hours to allow the whole tomatoes to break down naturally, this creates a rich thickness to the sauce, while still leaving texture to the sauce. It never fails. I just wanted to avoid tomato spoilage and, in the process, create a convenient, flavorful option to basic canned tomato sauce. If you’d like to use the hot water bath method, a spoonful of lemon juice would ensure a lower pH (more acidic), which makes the latter method safer. Though plum tomatoes or a mix of varieties work especially well, use what you have, and simply simmer until thick. My husband was particularly complimentary of that batch and asked if I included meat. The hint of coffee livens up the sweet barbecue sauce perfectly. —Evan Haut, Canton, Ohio I so agree, Beverley, and we’ve been lucky to have had a delightful stretch of sunny but not-too-hot weather. I used the blender last year and I liked it . An immersion blender is useful for blending soups and sauces into smooth purees. I added a tube of tomato paste , took off the lid, and let it simmer for a few more hours. Note that most immersion blenders cannot crush whole ice cubes, so for extra frost, add crushed ice to the mix. I typically use a combination of regular, plum, and cherry tomatoes–and a few yellow when I have them. Any suggestions on how I can remedy? The balsamic did the trick! You could do this if needed. Mainly it was the effort of cutting all of the ingredients into small enough pieces so that the sauce was not overly chunky. The Fountain Avenue Kitchen https://fountainavenuekitchen.com/. This doesn't look hard at all to make, though. A slow cooker retains the moisture, so what you did in terms of thickening it and removing the lid was perfect! So happy I found this, thank u for sharing! We eat a lot of pasta around here, so I may have to bookmark this one for later reference. If you happen to have a piece of Parmesan rind on hand, add it to the pot. My original intention wasn’t to create a fancy sauce. And you absolutely don’t have to be going on vacation to justify making this savory shortcut sauce! I appreciate the ease of this method, too, Martha, and am delighted you enjoyed! Total simmering time will vary based on the variety of tomatoes used, as plum tomatoes tend to have less liquid and regular, round varieties are usually more watery. My sainted Italian great-grandfather would approve! I’m thrilled this was easy and well-liked. Following is an excerpt from The National Center for Home Food Preservation, which might provide a little more insight. I’d like to try them. I got exactly 2 quarts and 3 cups of sauce from this batch. Your email address will not be published. You can read more here: http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html. Sweating is just sauteing at a low temperature so the veggies get soft. Six pounds of tomatoes cooks down into approximately two quarts of sauce, and I like to freeze the sauce in a variety of container sizes. I will definetly be making a lot more. Just made this and wanted to thank you! Also, all of the official recipes call for removing the skins in the preparation step.

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