Meaning of Social Security: Social security is a dynamic concept which is considered in all advanced countries of the world as an indispensable chapter of the national programme. Walton, R. (1985) From Control to Commitment in the Workplace. In Socialization, the importance of becoming a valued member of the company team may be emphasized. 3. With the development of the idea of the welfare state, it has been considered to be most essential for the industrial workers, though it includes all sections of the society. Social media has exploded over the past five years, with companies using different outlets to post job openings, interact with clients and employees and … Tyagi.R .Social Media: Opportunities and Challenges for Human Resource Management (June,2012) Retrieved from “e-source”. Any desired change to the culture of the organization has to be done through the employees and by … Pal­grave, London. Essay # 1. International Journal of Human Resource Management 15(2): 404-18. In this respect, organizations must be able to implement well-planned and well-thought out strategic human resource ideas that will be implemented to coordinate and channel the human capital into increased … Van Lingen .S (July 25,2012).The impact of social computing on Human Resource Management. Retrieved from “e-source”. f. Employee Development. The Importance of Human Resource Management: Here we have enlisted the importance of hrm in points. Every year, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) India recognises Top 30 HR influencers who have created a digital impact through their social media presence. 1. HRM CONTRIBUTES IN MAKING HUMAN RESOURCE INTO A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE HRM is the main department which push the organization to meet the goal because it work with line manager, have a good communication with all department in organization, know clear about organization’s goal and objective. The importance of strategic human resource management in an organization cannot be overemphasized due to the fact that human beings are the driving force behind any organization. Human resources do have a challenging role to play in organizational culture, as it is the employees who work for the organization, who embrace and improve a particular culture within the organization. When implementing the seven strategies within an organization, socialization is important to ensure the company is utilizing proper strategies that best suit their needs. Socialization is a process of adaptation after entering the organization. HRM is development oriented. So HRM is very important to gain success and can be Retrieved from Socialization refers to the adaptation that takes place when an individual passes from outside the organization to role of an inside member.. Socialization is a process of adaptation, adjustment, making arrangements for setting one employee in the organizational environment. Ployhart .R, Ph.D (2012).Social Media in the Workplace: Issues and Strategic Questions. Martinez Lucio, M. (2004) Swimming Against the Tide: Social Partnership, Mutual Gains and the Revival of “Tired” HRM. Legge, K. (2004) Human Resource Management. Helps you achieve your objectives: The chief ground for human resource management to be important is that they help the company to achieve their objective on a regular basis by means of developing a positive attitude amongst the employees. It is concern of managers of all level and provides space for employee involvement, performance and growth. ... HRM Department: HRM department can conduct the orientation in order to socialize the newly hired employees with the working environment of the organization. Human Resource Management (HRM) is a modern approach of maintaining people at workplace which focuses on acquisition, development, utilization and maintenance of human resource.

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