Functionalist vs. Education Inequality: A Sociological Perspective One of the most important aspects of life today is probably education. Symbolic interactionism sees education as one way that labeling theory is seen in action. Within each of these theories this essay will also highlight three main perspectives; social class, gender and ethnicity. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. As a matter of fact, the nature/nurture debate has dominated the thoughts of researchers for a long time as people have been trying to find out the origin of intelligence. The History Of Interactionist Theory Education Essay. ... Assignment 1 Sociology Assess the usefulness of an Interactionists perspective on education. Functionalist vs. Symbolic Interactionist Functionalists believe that each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society's functioning as a whole to create stability or work toward the same common goal. The Symbolic Interactionist perspective looks at the finer details in the development of the “self” rather than examining the picture as a whole. This essay will include a brief look at the history of education and how it has developed into the system we now have today. Words: 617 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49818837. Essay Writing Guide. Symbolic Interactionist. Without a high quality of education, especially on the tertiary level, it is very difficult to find gainful employment or to advance in one's chosen career. An interactionist’s perspective however will focus on studies on interpersonal interaction within the school, such as in the classroom, in … Describe Functionalist and Marxist Perspective on Education. A symbolic interactionist might say that this labeling has a direct correlation to those who are in power and those who are labeled. Describe functionalist and Marxist perspective on education.Functionalist Education can be described as the method whereby society continually passes on the knowledge it has gain from pass generations to the next or future generation. 5 stars based on 50 reviews Essay. George Herbert Mead, as founder of the symbolic interaction theory, argued that “individual selves are the products of social interaction and not the logical or biological preconditions of that interaction. Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives On Education Essays. Theoretical Perspective on Education. Bee (2004) believed that this question could possibly be … Education also introduces meritocracy, which is a equality of opportunity; every student has a chance to succeed (Thompson, 2015). This essay will also look at two sociological theories on education; Functionalist and Marxist,. Interactionist perspective on education essay.

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