Great recipe for Singapore Dry Noodle (Mee Pok). The chili is made from various ingredients and … One such concoction is Chiu Chow sauce, which, in a nutshell, is chili oil gone hog wild. Those folks in Chiu Chow China really know what they’re doing! FRY (1) HEAT 3/4-inch of vegetable oil in a small pan over high heat and add reserved garlic. For the magic sauce! (2) REDUCE heat to medium-low, fry until garlic is lightly golden brown, about 5 minutes, and transfer to paper towels to drain (set aside until final cooking stage). (3) TRANSFER wings from refrigerator to a colander in the sink and let drain for 15 minutes. In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients of the Sauce together. First, I should say that recipes for Chiu Chow chili sauce are rather limited. 2 tablespoon black sauce (sweet) 2 tablespoon fish sauce (salty) Developing This Recipe. Heat a wok and add "tumis" or stir fry the Chili Paste until the oil separates from chili. EASY HOMEMADE CHILI GARLIC SAUCE is just made of 3 simple ingredients, very easy to prepare and it won't take too much of your time. Recipe serves 2 people. The importance of the sauce in mee pok can be thought of similarly as the sauces that accompany pasta. The traditional Pan Mee is served in anchovies soup with hand-pulled noodles, Chili Pan Mee, on the other hand, wasn’t part of the traditional noodle list until 1985. MY VERSION A QUICK AND EASY WAYS TO ENJOY INSTANT NOODLE LOVING IT. The sauce consists of 4 components: chili, oil, vinegar and other condiments such as soy sauce and pepper. 4 cups ikan bilis broth. INGREDIENTS . Serves 2-3 Ingredients 120g of dried Ee Mee (Yee Mien, Cantonese egg noodle, 伊面), soaked in hot water 1/4 of cabbage, diced 3-4 stalks of Kai Lan (or Chye Sim), chopped 100g of chicken, diced 2-3 pcs of crab sticks, diced 6-8 pcs of prawn, shelled. 1/2 packet mushroom seafood balls. Mee Pok (Half a packet or 2 bunches will make 2 servings) 1 packet chili fishballs. This isn't even edible, let alone close to the flavor of texas hots 5 mins prep time, total cook time approximately 25 mins. Heat up … Set aside. For the noodles. Combine all the ingredients in Chili Paste and blend well using a food processor. Set aside.

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