Microsoft Flow | Microsoft Teams | Adaptive Cards | Collaboration | Post News from any SharePoint site to a Microsoft Teams team with the help of Flow, Adaptive Cards and some image trickery. Using Power Automate for SharePoint News Notifications Sending notifications to users when a SharePoint news item is posted is something which is commonly requested, both with clients and on the various tech forums which I frequent. SharePoint library with alerts not available There are two settings you need to check: first you need to make sure that alerts set on for the web application. What do you mean by the subscription functionality blocking the news? Is that something that's planned? Alerts/notifications for SharePoint site newsfeed webpart posts & replies One of the greatest business value features of a site newsfeed webpart would obviously be to know when people are participating, asking questions, etc. With this implementation you now have a method for a user to add/modify "Alerts", without ever having to access the list/library directly. ‎08-29-2019 You can do it using the following code snippet: To subscribe to changes to files stored in a SharePoint Document Library, create an instance of the ListSubscriptionFactory class. I have been looking at this post and have a question. ), yet there's no way yet to utilize it to "personalize" news feeds. How do you solve this ? Here are our latest enhancements for pages and news in SharePoint: Audience targeting [starting April 2019] Email notification for engagement with news and pages [starting late April 2019] Organization assets [starting May 2019] Call to action links on hero web part [starting May 2019] … In our usage we where setting up blog sites using the modern communication sites and the news functionality. Prepare a search result page using the basic built-in tenant resultset and apply the additional filter into. Falling back to an email notification, if the "should be" notified people the author works with (based on the graph), don't have the SharePoint mobile app installed. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. This seems like a no brainer and hard to believe Msft has missed the boat. on Adding followed sites as a signal that you want to get notified of ANY news posted on a particular site (this seems to be successful so far in our experimentation internally at Microsoft). At the very least, an option to display news from followed sites should be added to the news web part. Yannick Reekmans. Read more posts by this author. Prepare a search result page using the basic built-in tenant resultset and apply the additional filter into. ‎08-29-2019 Video Hub on We leveraged the built in "Alerts" for the Site Pages. It definitely makes sense, and there is a lot you can do, using Power Automate (aka. They are working on that last I heard, but we are probably looking at this summer or after ignite to hope for anything like that built in. You can do it, using the domain property, for example: In some cases, you might want to get notified when the component that you're building successfully subscribed to list notifications or if the connection has been broken. You can filter based on that promoted state = 2. This option is only a work around, the MS official positioning is to start with the "SharePoint" Home page of the tenant which is collecting the news published across the tenant on which you have the permission to read. Fully managed intelligent database services. SharePoint 2010 Alerts enable end users to subscribe based on their interests and can to get the updates in their email inbox directly using OOTB functionality just by mere configurations. Posted in Thanks for the idea Fabrice, just used it to satisfy users wanting to setup alerts for all news articles so they can monitor what's going on. Organisation Name: _____ Domain: _____ Recently, you changed your subscription. @matt howell - today if you select News source = Recommended for current user, we'll pull news for the page viewer. Go to the SharePoint library or list where you want to set the alert. This allows you to respond to changes when they happen, without having to regularly poll the contents of the library. If you’re looking at a view of the list or library on another page, you may have to select the title of the list or library first. Starting from SharePoint Framework v1.7.0, you can subscribe to changes to files stored in a SharePoint Document Library.

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