Rounding out the options are sausage and biscuits. The characters are definitely a highlight. This may be a big selling point for those that don’t want to deal with buffet lines and crowds, but there’s obviously less variety. The two of them hold court in their restaurant, walking from table to table and introducing themselves to their guests. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to Disney Enterprises, Inc., its subsidiary, affiliated and related companies, as the case may be. To mitigate the delay, Disney’s introduced a line to meet Pluto. Ohana's Best Friends Breakfast is a family tradition on our annual trip for the past 12 years. Highly recommend for those travelling with little ones. To be honest I remember very little about the food (I have a very vague memory of being neither strongly impressed nor repelled), given how I was intent on making it over to the Kingdom for RD. ‘Ohana isn’t going anywhere. One thing I appreciated about the restaurant was that the serving dishes were all the proper temperature – the leaf plate here was ice cold, while the syrup pourer thing that arrived with the Mickey waffles was warm. I had breakfast with my family at Ohana in October on our departure day. Then, you get a pager and await an open table. We’re in a rare position to judge what qualifies as a great ‘Ohana character breakfast, as we usually eat here at least twice per vacation. The Poly was where Disney executives took the VIPs that they wanted to impress. There’s still plenty of food, all of which is delicious, but I spend a disproportionate amount of time lamenting what’s not there when I should be appreciating what I have. Nice review! The current process deviates a bit from the way ‘Ohana worked just a couple of years ago. There’s a reason they’re so popular. ‘Ohana features two phases. josh thanks for the review . This review combines our experience with their comments about what they liked and didn’t like about the meal. If you like Lilo and Stitch, ‘Ohana is probably on your short list. ‘Ohana Breakfast Review at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort April 2, 2017 ~ 5 minutes read 19 Comments It’s been a while since we visited the Polynesian Village Resort and we’ll take this opportunity to head upstairs for breakfast at ‘Ohana on the morning of March 30th, 2017. ‘Ohana (note the apostrophe placement and the lack of an ‘s’) serves two popular meals – breakfast with seating from 7:30am to noon and dinner with seating from 3:30pm to 10pm. In Depth Review: Disney’s Ohana Breakfast with Tips on Making the Most of the Experience. The popular “POG” juice, which is a mixture of passion fruit, orange, and guava juices, is complimentary as are soft drinks, tea, sodas, and “regular” coffee. We end every trip with a late breakfast in one of our favorite places in "The World." Stitch is only here and Town Square at Magic Kingdom, in addition to meets at Typhoon Lagoon during the hotter months. Thanks for the report and wonderful pictures. Tambu Lounge is actually open from 7:30am through midnight these days. The meal includes three different kinds of meats. Here’s dinner, which is sans characters at a cost of $43/adult and $24/child. Required fields are marked *. The smells, the lush landscaping and excellent theming in addition to its close proximity to Magic Kingdom make it an excellent resort to stay at or to visit. I’m sure that you’ve already found many reviews on Ohana, probably mostly positive. A small plate of fruit was delivered shortly thereafter, but three pieces of watermelon only go so far among four people. Ohana means family. My son is two, so normally my husband and I take turns going up to the buffet. Our server worked hard and was kind, but she messed up our check in fairly epic fashion. I’d budget the carbs on more of the Welcome Bread – the biscuits might have been better with some honey or a more interesting butter spread than what’s provided. Ohana is a restaurant that offers a Character Breakfast and a themed dinner. […] the heat of the day may make sense. But the overall experience is a lot of fun and you’re certainly not going to leave hungry given you like anything that’s offered.

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