Previously it was thought they were from the towns with the name of owl (Andhai). This shows that the ancient Indians also appreciated the musical calls of the hated bird. The oldest section of Sangam Tamil literature associated the bird with death and crematorium (See Purananuru verses 240, 261,364). In western countries it is a very common logo in the educational institutions. Page 179 of Birds in Sanskrit Literature by K.N Dave. Its shriek at night is said to be alarming and the lady-companion promises it a fine pleasant dish of meat boiled in ghee and fried flesh of rats if only it kept silent at nights when the hero comes on visit. His enemies were looking for him. Owls are nocturnal birds. The owl is an old soul, it is the guardian of ancient knowledge, it can see (or better to say “stare” into the past), to discover the greatest mysteries of the world. Owl has several names in Tamil such as Aandhai,Aandalai, Kuukai, Kuraal, Kutinjai. His enemies were looking for him. Bilo Irudayanath, who has done research with the tribal peoples, says that if an owl sits on top of the hut, they will dismantle the old thatched roof and do a new roof. People thought that they are the names of their towns. Ulukam ghora darsanam Grey Owl Meaning: Seeing a grey owl represents the mystery, and trusting that everything will work out even if you don’t fully understand it. In Greece owls are associated with Goddess Pallas Athena/Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. There is a story that narrates how sage Narada was advised to learn music from an owl residing near the Manasarovar lake on the Himalayas (Lingapuranam). When shown travelling on an owl, she represents a symbol of corruption of wealth. The universe is working on you under the surface, and this is a time to trust in the bigger picture. It is similar to Hindu views. At the same time goddess Lakshmi and Chamunda have owl as their Vahanas, I want to add following information to my original article published in 20141.Taking owls to Athens is a parallel to the saying Taking coal to New Castle. Kukai koziyar says that the shrill cry of the owl breaks the eerie silence of the graveyard (Pura.364) There is also a reference in the Ramayana. Seer Kausika (Visvamitra) also means owl. 240). 3.Ovid, 15 CE, saysThe owl of the night sat on an opposite house top and uttered his ill boding funeral voice.4.Pliny The Elder, 77 CE, in Natural History, says Owl seen in day timeThe it is looked upon as a direful omen to see it in the city or in the day time. At that time a white owl came and sat on the tree under which he was hiding. Owls have negative associations in popular thinking: with their nocturnal habits, solitude, silent flight and plaintive cry they came to symbolize evil and death. People associate their calls with the God of death. Why is the owl considered a wise bird in the West and a symbol of foolishness in India? Scriptures refer to calls of owls as having the character of songs i.e. Owls are nocturnal birds.

Also, the owl is the animal representation of the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena and hence its reputation in the West. 5693, Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. The owl’s harsh hooting is heard like the tune of the instrument called Makuli and seems to have some signification (Aka.351) This confirms my view that most of the tribal names are totem symbols I have already given the names of Tamil poets with frog names like their counterparts in Sanskrit. Post No. 2.Theophrastus,319 BCE, saysIf an owl is startled by him in his walk, he will exclaim Glory be to Athene!before he proceeds.

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