the leaves are also becoming a lighter green…. what should I do? I dug a hole 12″ down at the perimeter of the overhang and the soil was damp. Has done well in past. How can I tell and what can I do to save it? The walls were a butterscotch with a black ceiling and a soft Asian decor with iron vines on the walls. Sprinkle some Epsom Salts* around the plant to correct the issue. So you may want to take a look at rejuvenating the plant, by pruning it or improving the area around it to make the plant happier. Do you know my problem. The bush could be planted too deep. Rhododendron Leaf Problems. I like the blue you laid out in your paint app. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your Rhododendron covered in buds and then not getting any flowers! Hi. I am in Woodbury Connecticut and I have seen this happen to other, larger Rhododendron close to me. But then, much to my surprise, it started to grow some brand new shoots from the bottom. They aren’t getting enough water. Contact the County Extension Office of your state university. Go with your heart. My rhododendron is a new plant but after 6 weeks the leaves are turning a very light green with a brown/tan residue on them. One potential Rhododendron problem is that the leaves are turning yellow. Other than covering the plant during the frost, there isn’t much you can do about this condition. New leaves may even emerge completely yellow. Hopefully you’ll get a new set of leaves growing after the flowers are finished. They have dropped several green leaves over the last two weeks without any indication that there is any other problem. They wont tolerate deep and dry shade and poor drainage/heavy clay soil. They will open up and come back to life once it warms up. © 2020 Gardening @ From House To Home - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. Yellow leaves are usually caused by improper maintenance. And when you add art such as photography or painting it will change the look of your room again. If you buy an agricultural grade of epsom salts, it should have directions on the package. Thank you! What can be done about dropping leaves after blooming? This year it has bloomed nicely, but the lack of leaves make it look sickly. It has strong growth and flowers prolifically. I also wanted to see the flowers as there were lots of buds. Thank you. We left it as it was and it sold on day one with a bidding war. Could that be the problem? Your email address will not be published. While this will provide quick relief to the plant, you will probably want to look into making your soil more acidic long term. Thank you for any help you can give me. My earlier advice was for two reasons, the first being that a warm colour in a plum or wine family will work well with your collections and be very warm and inviting to everyone, and second, I think the pumpkin would fight with your cabinets for attention. I don’t want to cut it back or down if I don’t have to. Hi Mary…the wet cool spring shouldn’t prevent the Rhododendrons from flowering unless the soil they are planted in doesn’t drain very well. Hi Julia…I would first check to see if there are any growing conditions that have changed over time and need to be fixed. Rhododendrons like lots of water, but they don’t like the soil to be soggy. Wilting leaves can be an indication of both too little and too much water. Are there other plants that have gotten bigger and may be interfering with the Rhododendron’s roots or causing it to get too much shade? I’m worried the plant is feeding too much energy into the new shoots. Antique white or something similar will make your room look larger and you can add pops of color with your accessories such as art, area rugs etc. I have a few ideas for your project. But I have had Rhododendrons die back and then send up new shoots from the ground so watch for that. It may be related to water and fertilizer, conservation environment, soil acidity and insect pests. But in some cases (like Phytophora root rot), it is best just to take the plant out. Hopefully it will come back. What is that? The leaves are growing but they are not as dark green as my other Thanks. You could do over head heating with a tile or steel slab bar top to radiate the warmth if you're in a cold climate. Your advice would be appreciated. I am in Shelton CT. Any suggestions??? My hubby is a contractor and I can change my paint colours often with little drama. If you do a search on for Rhododendron fertilizer, you’ll see a few different options come up. Hope that helps! I have seen this on plants that have become too crowded or are lacking in Magnesium (those yellow leaves from above). If the branches are shriveled and brittle, it may not come back. Hi Nancy…that often happens if the plant is under stress due to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) or lack of water. It must be beautiful in the spring with all of the flowers! Applying some peat moss and acidic mulching materials around the plant will eventually help to bring the soil pH down. In this case, you can wipe the mold off, but will need to get rid of the insects to prevent it from coming back. You have a lot going on in the space so good design is key. I have a rhododendron bush that budded up last year (I live in south east England)… but has not flowered this year …. The horticulturalist on staff will be able to answer all of your questions. To fix this, try It’s possible that the soil where these Rhododendrons are planted doesn’t drain as well as the other locations. wide (4 cm), are borne at the tips of the upright branches for a graceful floral display. They are not side-by-side and not all in the same area. When the leaves all start dying, it usually indicates one of the Rhododendron diseases that can’t be cured. I have tried to research them, but can find nothing about them. Leaves on plants can turn from green to light green or yellow for a number of reasons, many of which are related to the care of the plant. Over 8 foot wide. The roots are very thick but don’t appear dead. While most Rhododendrons will do fine in the shade, there are some varieties that like more sun. Normal instructions are 1 tablespoon for every 9 square feet. The plant gets 2 to 3 hrs of sun. New leaves may even emerge completely yellow. It is over 10 foot tall. When we sold our last home, everyone said we would have to paint it out. Good luck with them! My question is that it is now shooting from the base. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Or has the soil built up over the roots (or anything else on top of the roots that wasn’t there before)? I’ll get the fertilizer from our closest plant sellers. I liked the colour but it was very powerful. The first season I gave it a lot of Aluminum Sulfate to acidify the soil. Def do a wall mount TV. Fertilizer probably isn’t a good idea. Unless you are trying to grow Rhododendrons that aren’t zoned for your area…then you might want to look for some other varieties that won’t be affected so much by the cold. For this last one, you can try sprinkling soil acidifier around them to see if it helps. Too much fertilizer applied after the plant has finished blooming is another culprit of fewer blooms. Don’t be alarmed. Have a damp, shady spot in your garden that needs a lift? I have 2, both planted the same and the other is ok. Rhododendrons Pruning Rhododendrons - How To Prune Rhododendrons I am worried the plant, being old, will eventually die off of old age.

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