This divorce was primarily brought on by Simon. And now they're back in Canada, Simon looks completely different, and he's speaking and acting very differently as well. I'll start: I think they are currently in the process of getting a divorce. I wish them nothign but the best, and a bright future! But the one thing that is certain is that a bunch of people will keep watching their vids to get more clues as to what may have happened, which will only make them more money in the end. Whatever is happening, I wish happiness for both of them. Martina's comments seem a little annoyed & it's interesting. [24], Simon Stawski (left) and Martina Stawski (right) at a fan meeting during, "YouTubers hit the jackpot by sharing Japan with the world", "Martina & Simon Stawski: KOREA'S BEST GOES ON-LINE THANKS TO COUPLE OF CANADIANS", "Eating Your Kimchi with Simon and Martina", "한국 사는 지구인①'잇유어김치닷컴' 사이먼-마티나 부부…"불판위 계란찜 동영상 대박! I adore them. If you work on things such as physical therapy it can get better. Simon and Martina discuss the controversy around YouTuber Logan Paul and the backlash over a recent controversial video he filmed in a Japanese forest. really fascinating, I've heard from some folks personally that it ended their depression forever. If you push yourself too far it gets worse. By January 2018, the channel had 1.3 million subscribers. it's like when I think about it overall, they don't have ideal personalities to handle the illness together (a less emotional more laid back type would be a better match for someone with an illness like EDS), but hopefully the time apart can get them on the right paths. I will forever be grateful to both of them! Simon and Martina have obviously been giving us clues as to what's going on while staying vague about all the details. Now that’s fucking up, … His bizarre behavior in his update video makes it seem like he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd, having been emotionally vulnerable due to where he’s at in his life. Their channel was rebranded as Simon and Martina to reflect the change. She was very reluctant to getting another dog because she didnt want to replace spudgy. Thoughts on the Logan Paul YouTube controversy. Simon's whole life was Martina, I couldn't see him giving her up. The Stawskis met Adam Swarts, the CEO of Japanese media company Breaker, at a video industry event in the United States, who offered to sign them onto his company and bring them over to Japan. Simon and Martina is a YouTube video blog channel created by Canadian expatriates Simon and Martina Stawski. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. To each his own. EXACTLY!! It is a genetic illness, and we can't fix the underlying illness. What I will say is that the stress from COVID-19 has made some really evaluate their family and living far apart from each other. Simon also probably felt a relief from having to take care of his sick wife who was not getting better. They haven’t mentioned the other in any posts or videos. I hate to speculate, but I really wish they would just come forward and explain what happened. It is not a hopeless spiral getting worse until death. They would have a lot to sort through and lawyers would certainly be involved/ advising them to be hushed regarding the details. Their "hypothetical" divorce would definitely be (imo nightmarishly) complicated due to how intertwined their finances must have been. Maybe it was supposed to be the glue that was supposed to take Martina our of her dark place and allow simon to take care of something other than his wife. Other users have noted that once Simon returned from New York in December 2019 the couple's dynamic seemed to have changed. Well, wouldnt you think simon would have mentioned how Martina is with her mom while theyre both looking for a house together? I'm super intrigued seeing people theorize who initiated this break. [4][5] As a result, they uploaded their first video on YouTube as an attempt to show their parents that they were safe, which was a video of them eating sundubu-jjigae at Incheon International Airport. I've read some very interesting research about it saving many lives of suicidal people who could find NO other cure. I know Simon really wanted to go the 2020 Japan Olympics, but with Martina's fragile health state she would have been vehemently opposed to him going. In the end, they always knew it would be the best decision to return to Canada one day. The Stawskis report that large numbers of anonymous users have engaged the site with vulgar comments in response to controversial statements made by the couple. Injury and controversy slow Sharapova. I actually had a question for a while. I know we will have far more information on her long before we get more on Simon. They're not just upset, or angry, about that video though. Well, wouldnt you think simon would have mentioned how Martina is with her mom while theyre both looking for a house together? Hi Simon, really nice to see you here. my original theory was that he was empathizing almost TOO much and it was bringing her down bc it turned into almost unintentionally guilt tripping her which turned into a mutually damaging cycle, but having watched their activity online the last month I really dont know o_O SUMMON THE SLEUTHS~~. Name: Simon and Martina Stawski Age: 33 Nationality: Canadian Occupation: Vloggers Likes: Eating, coffee, discovering new music Dislikes: The words “moist, leotard and puce,” and celery I agree so strongly with your final sentence I cant stress it enough. Simon and Martina is a YouTube video blog channel created by Canadian expatriates Simon and Martina Stawski. Sounds reasonable right? I don't think speculating is bad, but I don't think we should be demanding answers from them. With their life in Korea, they had a set base of fans online, owned a studio and were part owners of a coffee show. [12] The fundraiser met its goal of $40,000 in less than seven hours and raised more than $100,000. I could tell something was up when they disappeared for a few months, then announced out of the blue that they had moved back to Canada. I think they got a dog as a last attempt to make their marriage work. It will be easier and better for them to get healthcare there, and they would have the added support of their family and friends to help them out. Although if Martina was the one to leave the relationship I think this could have possibly been her last straw.

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