Yup, handing business cards is still a thing, especially at events or networking ventures. The design of the template looks contemporary and attractive and we are sure it is something you would not like to change or edit. Followers are now a status quo for social media brands, the more followers you have equals the more influence and brand credibility your business will have, so why not show it off. Based on the platform, you can design your social media business card to follow suit. You can also use the free fonts in help files. Around 39% of people won't do business with you if your card is cheap looking. You can also use a QR code converter that converts URLs into QR codes. This helps the reader to associate you with positive words and experiences. © 2020 Wishpond Technologies Ltd. - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy, Get Victoria Taylor to personally send you, Small Business Guide: The Top 21 Resources on How to Sell on Social Media, How to Make a Social Media Checklist (Free Template), 77 Tremendous Tools to Make You a Content Marketing Superstar, How to Use Social Media Campaigns for Market Research. If you're using a light background, add a darker color and visa versa. There's nothing shameless about showing off how many followers you have on your social media profiles; in fact, it shows that your brand has a powerful presence. Like any good design, don't go overboard with all the social media hashtags/icons and elements. Press on the Name Tag icon on top of your screen (the second icon). Your business card is scrutinized from every angle, so you have to add a wow factor to seal the deal! Are you looking for free social media icons that you can add to your website, resume, email signature, or business cards? You can find png versions of social media icons in various colors. The step to creating an amazing business card is to make sure they can be seen. This social media business card template has colorful and modern design. 3. If you have a social media profile that your customers love to show it off on your social media business card. A popular misconception is that you have to add social media icons as they are, in their original color, but that's not the case. Social media has become particularly important for businesses in recent years. Starting Simple Sometimes simple is … But the increased significance of social media has also led to a rise in the popularity of social media business cards. 2. One of the best ways to design your business cards is by combining your social media. The business card template comes with colors free fonts editable text layers that lets you change edit and arrange the images text and colors of the templates. Try to keep things simple. After all, that is what you want them to do. Download it from the link given and the smart layers will give you an access to edit. They are all print ready and easy to edit and customize. Use the same display picture across all your social media profiles so that people can easily find and recognize you. All in one place. It shows that you're relevant, up to date, and reachable on or offline. Try to use tools on hand like Canva, Venngage or, Visme, where you can access thousands of templates and tools to create the perfect social media business card. Be sure to add a professional picture to your display profile. QR codes can redirect people to your website, social media pages, content, and more. You will see your Name Tag screen. These social media business cards make it easy for you to share your social media contact information with anyone. It comes with supreme designs and the texture looks elegant and you don’t have to worry about professional accuracy in the template. Remember that as much as it's a social media business card, it is still a business card nonetheless. This is an easy to customize business card that requires Photoshop for the purpose of editing and making the changes. You can add all your social media related information and provide the card a social media style look. From the graphics to the paper, it's printed on matters. Try to add your social media icons in contrasting colors so that they can easily stand out on your card. To create your own custom Instagram QR code: In love with blogging and Taco Tuesdays. Who says it has to be flat and boring. The template provides with a space where you can update all your social media profiles. Forget adding social media icons, take things a step further, and turn your next business card into a social media profile. This social media business card template is available for free download. No matter how advanced technology or social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook get, business cards will always have a warm place in the corporate industry. Creating a social media business card can be something fun you should let the whole team on or share with your network. Written by Victoria Taylor Print Web And Social Media Design provide Professional Graphic Design and High-Quality Printing Services for your professional, business or personal use. The template caters to all, however with the design esthetics we feel it is more suitable to art and creative professionals. The templates given here are of supreme quality and follow all the professional standards that are set for business card design. If you're one of them, wouldn't you like someone to find and follow you! This is no revelation. The design is absolutely premium and comes with Illustrator & EPS Files. It’s a versatile channel, useful for marketing efforts, business communication and more. Download. Be sure to update your business card every year so you can keep your network up to date with any new changes. Open your Instagram app. This template would let you score high with your social media business card. Business card is a great way to build your social media following, establish solid relationships with your customers, and improve your conversion rates. Always be sure to have your contact information basics, name, email, and number. Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and Anyone holding your business card between their fingers should be able to identify your brand and instantly recognize wherever they may see it i… We print Custom Marketing Materials and Business Products such as Business Cards, Menus For Restaurants, Disposable Menu Printing, Postcards, Mailer Cards, Flyers, EDDM-Every Door Direct Mail, Presentation Folders, Stationery, … Small Business Rain Maker found that sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed. By bringing together your social media and business cards, you get a powerful fusion of … ), or choose from a selection of free business card designs. So not only are our business cards important but how it's presented and designed impacts your first or last impression. As an extension of your brand, your business card needs to convey your business identity (through the shapes, colors, and words it features) to prospects. If you do not have a profile of any site, you can edit and replace or remove it with the help of photoshop editing. Another print ready social media business card with full layered PSD files and is fully customizable and editable. You social media profiles are no more restricted to be shared with your friends. Yup, handing business cards is still a thing, especially at events or networking ventures.

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