counterfeiter. up to the ministry of deliverance are being controlled by a leviathan spirit. cannot really praise God. 14 Who can open the doors of his face, Some believe leviathan to be the The modern church today is largely asleep because of leviathan's work. Another word for leviathan means to twine, to unite and to remain. Am so surprised that some people who are tormented by leviathan spirit have twisted organs fibromyalgia and cancer.. IN JOB CHAPTER 41 the Lord appears to Job in a whirlwind and begins to question him concerning a creature known as Leviathan. You may have to say, "God, I'm going to have to break out of this pride and become submissive to You." It works – as we have seen thousands of people around the world who have cast their demons to hell. In Job 41:34 it reads “he is a king over all the children of pride” and it is believed that pride gives this spirit an entry into people’s lives. 10. As a result, actual … Pleaides and Articus are two of these seven stars (demons) tied in with leviathan. Because a perfectionistic person is still aware of his own personal flaws and problems, he is miserable. I wrote a book that has helped thousands get delivered called Restored to Freedom – available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle or audible. He makes the sea like a pot of ointment. Jesus spoke of the stiffnecked and uncircumcised heart. He can twist, writhe and slip out of the way; causing one to It is time to be freed today! separate them because pride causes that stony heart to close the scales and folds together blocking the Spirit of God from entering. "Why, God?" I have been to Dr for medication anti inflammatory , physiotherapist and chiropractor and it helps but does not cure. The critical time comes when one's ultimate confidence in God as the object and source shifts to oneself as the object and source. Hello; I just received ministry regarding this and had a most profound deliverance. That is EXACTLY my story!!!! But my son is now 19 and when he was little he loved God and now he’s very adverse to anything to do with God. It’s always there. It had fangs & I was afraid it would bite me if I did something it didn’t like! Who are you to ask God why? witchcraft spells. Tongue problems are rooted in leviathan. That’s powerful message. I believe He is already beginning and we are already there, tribulating now. 18 His sneezings flash forth light, One would think the deep had white hair. The reason is that no air of the Spirit is able to get in because this demon has such a stranglehold. And a flame goes out of his mouth. Finally, God announces that He has had enough and demands an answer in chapter 38:4: "Where was thou when I laid Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with whatever you need. 23 The folds of his flesh are joined together; We can pray that the scales of the enemy are removed from their eyes but ultimately they have to choose to humble themselves and want to be freed. But may God help heal you Physically emotionally and mentally and bless you in every way and also spiritually in Jesus name the Lord is your strength your health and your joy is found in him forgive people yes but don’t put your trust in people Only trust in God. The second veil is the place of revelation and illumination by the Spirit of God, symbolized by the oil Your email address will not be published. The Scottish Rite (and Freemasons and Shriners) are definitely aligned with darkness as they make oaths to serve the Great Architect of the Universe which is Satan. Pride and Leviathan are practically synonymous. I thought I was just attempting to connect the two but this seems to be confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction. While I read that scripture one of the brothers in my church woke up. is a part deep inside where leviathan dwells. Proverbs 16:18 warns that prides goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. In the dream I had a revelation it was Laviathon and that the spirit of Liviathon had even influenced my drawing to represent him. (Photo by uomo libero on Unsplash)For those who have been feeling overwhelmed, oppressed and sensing the heaviness in the atmosphere, there is a soul-sucking spirit that is trying to suffocate our … I’m doing everything for my marriage and binding all these spirits in my husband, I’m fasting, tithing praising…everything! God Pride may even hide itself under a false humility. 16 One is so near another So that could have influenced him to be adverse to God – I would just tell the Lord that you did not know better and repent for any open doors that it could have allowed the enemy to come in to affect your son. Any thoughts? Which is made without fear. Leviathan's most cruicial work is in the area of keeping people from receiving the things of God and of the Spirit. Ladies, if you try this you are going to have a monster on your hands. The scales are joined to 13 Who can remove his outer coat? 17 They are joined one to another, I was praying for America’s leaders and leviathan came up during it. This was very disturbing to an animal lover! He loves to eclipse things and mythology associates him with the eclipse of the son. "By his sneezings a light doth shine and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning or the rays of dawn; out of his mouth goes burning lamps and sparks of fire leap out." Then they immediately feel a shift from their back and the pain goes. Once when I was meditating and praying about Leviathan, I asked God for a revelation. Strong's Concordance (3882, 3867) defines leviathan as a wreathed animal or a serpent. He is regarded among the principalities as the mighty. And then my answer was revealed in the dream.

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