• Curry leaves - 2 springs. They should not be wet or moistened as they absorb more salt. Easy and Simple Preparation of Sweet Corn Vada at Home. • Garlic cloves - 4 number. • Dry red chilies - 3 number. • Green chilies - 4 number. Salt Roasted Chick Peas Method of Preparation. Here I have taken 1 cup of Sweet Corn, prior we roast it make sure they are dry. Masala Sweet Corn recipe. Our recipe is Salt roasted Chick Peas and Sweet corn. • Sweet corn - 1 cup. A simple recipe can be prepared instantly. https://hyderabadiruchulu.com/baby-corn-masala-curry-recipe-telugu • Chopped tomatoes - 1 number. Healthy and tasty too. How to Make Corn Snacks at Home Preparation of Tasty Corn Vadalu in Telugu. Ingredients used in Gongura Sweet Corn Mushroom Curry • Sorrel leaves - 2 bunch. • Cumin seeds - 1 tea spoon. Sweet corn curry recipe- learn how to make delicious restaurant style sweet corn curry with this easy recipe.vegan sweet corn curry that tastes best with roti and naan. • Chana dal - … • Oil - as required. Shopping mall and movie theater style masala sweet corn can be prepared in our home with few ingredients , lets us have a look in this video. Masala Sweet Corn recipe: మసాలా స్వీట్ కార్న్ చూస్తేనే నోరు ఊరుతుంది కదా by Attamma TV.

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