Leaders. Team. Staff. Successful corporate wellness programs are the result of these employers. Clients. However, the companies with these top 45 successful corporate wellness programs go above and beyond the basic requirements to keep their employees happy and healthy. The wellness program may range from a very simple program to an elaborate multi-prong program. Corporate Mental Wellness Program. What is the cost-effectiveness of having a wellness program in a corporate environment? According to a recent report, a summary of 7 cost analysis studies revealed a $3.48 return on investment for each corporate dollar spent on wellness programming. People . Avoid “fluffy” taglines that could mean almost anything. Stress-related illnesses cost U.S. businesses nearly $200 billion each year. Consumers. .. The tagline says it all – this world class corporate wellness company develops programs that make employees in any organization “Feel Loved.” We love LifeWorks because they combine counseling, life coaching, digital content, financial wellness, and care services to create a 360 wellness experience. 125 Catchy Employee Wellness Program Names. Department Heads. Corporate Mental Wellness Program Mindworx delivers employer-proven strategies addressing the growing need for comprehensive mental health care. Employees can't keep track of their health behaviors on paper. Through clinical & holistic approaches, Mindworx provides your employees with an integrative approach to help attain their full mental wellness potential. May 2, 2017 - A fantastic listing of catchy wellness slogans and great taglines that will increase your creativity. Here is a list of the 125 catchiest employee wellness program names. 1 That means for every dollar invested, the company actually makes money! To facilitate your corporate wellness program, you'll need to research and find at least one technology product that can help employees self-manage their wellness goals. Customers. Avoid taglines that reinforce stereotypes that can work against you. A happy, healthy team is the new corporate culture . Executives. Expert marketing advice on Taglines/Names: Need a name for corporate wellness program posted by Anonymous, question 33787. If your tagline could work just as well for a wedding planner, kids’ birthday parties, sleep therapist, etc., as for a health and wellness business, toss it and keep working on alternatives. Managers. There are many more than 45 companies in America that emphasize corporate wellness as key to overall success. Article from brandongaille.com. We're here to help employers advocate for their:-Employees. Select Corporate Wellness Technology Tools . Partner With Us.

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