It is strong, durable and fibrous. The mature wood color trend to be a light and yellowish-brown. Common Usages: Veneer, Boxes, Frame, Plywood, Pulpwood, and various utility purposes. It is used for furniture, door panels and well curbs. It takes a good polish and is easily worked. It is a very light yellowish timber, lighter than most pine species. It is a beautiful tree for avenue and gardens. Generally, this tree height is seen between 50 to 80 ft. and a spread of around 25′ at maturity. carpentry training and skills development, Automotive Mechanic Basics for car maintenance, Tradesman skills development in skilled trades, How to Maintain a Garden? Its heartwood has seen a lighter pale brown to a chocolate brown streaks. It’s a common question to all strangers. Nature has filled a large part of the surface with trees to maintain its balance, which known as forests. These qualities make it suited for such uses as boat building, piles, poles, tool handles, and carriage shafts. Its height increases 12-24 inches yearly and a mature tree height 100-125 ft. Black walnuts average trunk diameter 2-4 ft. and begins to bear nuts in 12–15 years. It is compact and even grained. Albasia wood has been a constructor’s choice due to its excellent properties. Also, this wood worked fine with glues, paints, and varnishes well. Besides, this species found through Eurasia and northern Africa. It is a species of larch and another identity is common larch. The rest four species found in eastern Asia. Moderately hard, teak is durable and fire-resistant. Acacia Melanoxylon’s growth and availability make it popular and a reliable source of timber for all reasons. These trees are widely known as quaking Aspen or Trembling aspens. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. Complete Guidelines, Learn basic electrical skills for better career, Tacklife Cordless Rotary Tool Review 2020, Luxe bidet neo 120 review and buyers guides, Dremel 4300 Reviews and Rotary Tool Guide. River birch naturally grows along riverbanks but as a landscape tree, it can be planted almost anywhere in the U.S. Also, it found and familiarized with Africa, South America, and southern Asia. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu. Pin Oak is a member of the red oak family. Common Usages: Furniture, Interior Trim, Flooring, Veneer, Cabinetry, and other wood items. It is strong, tough and elastic. Timber may also used to describe sawn lumber that is not less than 5 inches (127 mm). It is subject to cracking and attack by dry rot. It is used for pattern making, frames for doors and windows, and for paving material. Quaking Aspens are the fastest growing tree and native to Canada and cooler areas of northern United States, Mexico. The bald cypress tree is the classic tree of southern swamps and the grows pyramidal. Wood Grain/Texture: European larch grain commonly straight or spiral. Also, different types of wood and their uses. It can be used for timber, poles, It is heavy and strong. Common Usages: Veneer, Boatbuilding, Construction lumber, utility poles, fence posts, and Interior trim. It is used for ordinary building construction and for, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala (Exotic, originally from Australia). Workability: To avoid tea rout, better to use a sharp cutter and light press. Deodar is the most important timber tree providing soft wood. It is commonly used for agricultural instruments, well curbs, wheels, and mallets. It is very strong, hard and tough. It is used for agricultural instruments, well curbs, sugar mills, carts and brick burning. The trees can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 100 to 200 ft. and trunk diameter 10 to 20 ft. Common Usages: Furniture, Veneer, Gunstocks, Cabinet, Turned items and other wood objects. The trees can live up to 450 years and grow to a height of 100 to 200 ft. and trunk diameter 10 to 20 ft. Workability: Comfortable to work with hand and power tools. It is used for such products as furniture, packing boxes, cabinet making and door panels. It is most commonly used for furniture, pattern making and cabinet work. Actually fast growing trees means those plants that grow fast naturally and mature in a relatively short time. It is easy to work and it maintains its shape well. It is among the most valuable timber trees of the world and its use is limited to superior work only. That’s why the fast growing timber trees are so important to everyone. It is heavy and coarse grained. Logs are converted into timber by being sawn, hewn, or split. It is used for preparing sporting goods. It is used for railway sleepers, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, Nagpur, Bengal. It is a loose grained, inferior quality wood. Light in weight, it is used for packing cases, the match industry, well curbs, and for cheap furniture. Acacia Melanoxylon is a species of Acacia and widely known as Australian blackwood, Tasmanian blackwood, Acacia blackwood, hickory, Mudgeeraba, etc. Araucaria cunninghamii is a species of Araucaria and known as Hoop Pine or Moreton Bay Pine. Also, the tendency of cutting trees increased due to the varied use of wood. It is moderately strong. However, in the United States and Canada, timber usually refers to felled trees, whereas the sawn wood products are referred to as lumber. Common Usages: Furniture, Veneer, Gunstocks, Cabinet, Musical Instruments, Framing, and other wood items. Significantly, It’s a rapid-growing but relatively short-lived tree. Hard and durable, Siris wood is difficult to work. It can be well seasoned. Its fruit is also very useful. This wood can be ready to harvest in about 3 to 4 years because it a fast-growing tree in the legume family. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu. Baldcypress is a hardy and tough, also this tree adapts to a wide range of soil types and weather conditions. It is hard, fibrous and close-grained. It is used for such products as bodies and, It is close-grained and tough. It was a great effort for our team to prepare this article. It is moderately hard and strong. For its softness nature reduce nail holding capacity. Fraxinus nigra species are hardwood and grow a few slow to become wood maturity. It does not take up a good polish. It’s a useful wood and distribution around the world. It takes. Most of the mature trees height 60-100 ft. and trunk diameter 2-3.5 ft. River birch heartwood tends to be a light reddish-brown with closely white sapwood. It is used for making cheap furniture, railway carriages, railway sleepers, packing boxes, and structural work. The hardwood color is light brown and average growth rate 12 to 24 Inches per Year.

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