Transactional emails. How to analyze your funnel data. redBus is serving 6 countries around the world (India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, and Colombia), and would be launching bus ticket booking services in more countries. New features to increase customer engagement or retention in the RedBus app 5. One of the simpler uses of marketing automation is the triggering of transactional emails. Using this method, you can verify that your funnel includes the pages customers actually open to complete the goal. Financial Planning and Analysis, redBus • Responsible for management reporting and tracking business KPIs like take rates, CPA (cost per acquisition), CPT (cost per transaction), funnel conversion rates etc. As a Product Manager for Transactional Funnel at RedBus, Identifying 1. redBus is the best platform in the world for booking bus tickets online. redBus is an Indian travel agency that specializes in bus travel throughout India by selling bus tickets throughout the country. Knowing about the implications of key clauses in term sheets and shareholder agreements can significantly impact the way you negotiate and raise investment. This offer is valid on redBus website, redBus mobile website and redBus Android and iOS App. The full-ratchet clause can be extremely disadvantageous for any startup (The Redbus founders had raised about 8 million in three rounds of funding, without ever hiring a lawyer for negotiating those investments.) Individual steps of the checkout funnel and 4-5 cuts to monitor this funnel daily 4. redBus relied on a third party for the Referral Solutions for a while as we wanted to quickly take it to the market and see how things pan out. Key Metrics and the Metrics that you would actively monitor 2. Trusted by over 18 million customers worldwide, redBus offers an easy, fast, and secure platform for booking cheap bus tickets. Tickets are purchased through the company’s Website or through the Web services of its agents and partners. 3. Please check the discount offered while applying offer code. Cashback will be credited on the day of your check-out in the form of redBus wallet money. RedBus sells seats directly to consumers via its website, company-owned call centers and mobile phones. In case of any cancellations, cashback will not be awarded. Any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a website/app is called a transactional email. If your funnel is structured correctly, there should be no difference between this report and your goal funnel steps. Discounts would vary from hotel to hotel. User Segment which might be most valuable in achieving business goals.

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