“By including specific numbers (instead of just a “complete guide”), we showed potential readers that this would be a one-stop-shop resource, saving them from having to look *anywhere* else for persona interview questions,” Krista Elliott explains. Google Organic Search Performance dashboard, 6 Examples of Highly Converting Social Media Copy + 10 Tactical Writing Tips, 27 Internal Linking Strategies to Get More Search Engine Traffic for Your Content, 39 LinkedIn Video Tips to Boost Your Marketing Strategy, 13 Secrets Of Writing Amazing Headlines (every blogger should know #3) [, 13 Secrets Of Writing Click Worthy Headlines [. Ali adds: “Using power words in your title also helps and in our case we used “how to” since it was more appropriate to the content we were writing. So, everyone who enters the domain name will be able to see the full blog title you set up in the settings. Here are some tactics that have proven to be effective: Ultimately, your blog title should tell your readers what they’ll learn from reading your blog and what value will you provide to them with your article. Fill out the form for unlimited access, the latest product updates, and kick-ass content to help you cure writer's block! So it’s crucial that you spend time crafting your title and getting it right. Take a look at this data collected by Advanced Web Ranking: Sure, this could be like the chicken and egg debate: Pages in position #1 are more prominent on a searcher’s page, hence why they tend to get a higher click-through rate. It is what will appear in search engine results, links, in archives, and on social media sites. So, it becomes important to understand the intent of the keyword phrase that the user has searched for and make a title that closely resonates with the searcher’s intent.”, Sharma adds: “The title must be catchy. Imagine a domain name as the address of your blog. )”, “Affixing the date helps add assurance they’re reading a guide that’s relevant today—when they want the answer.”, Krakauer also adds that their team “tested another headline previously, and found the “proven” keyword resulted in a higher CTR, and differentiated from the more common “ultimate” and “best” typically found in guides. Well, first … “Notably, while the post describes the resource as a ‘framework’, the top searched and clicked keywords are for templates,” Krakaeur summarizes. using the right hashtags on social networks like Instagram, WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Comparison, How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress, How to Add Your First WordPress Post using Block (Gutenberg) or Classic Editor, What is a Blog? Blog Title Generator Blog About by . Required fields are marked *. “A reader might want to find fund anniversary ideas, but is willing to spend money, so a post that only has the descriptor “cheap” might turn them off.”, Dek summarizes: “By increasing the relevancy to a wider group of readers, we also increase CTR.”, James Pollard thinks “this post has such a high CTR for two reasons.”, “First, it relates directly to my audience. Truth be told, you might have the best blog post and research done on a subject but no one is going to know this or read your post unless you have an intriguing title. For example, if someone else linked back to your blog, and you changed the domain name, that link would stop working and a person who clicked to get on your site would end up on an empty page showing an error. Jay Kang explains why this blog post title example worked so well: “Once we capture the user intent and understand the exact keywords, we used the proper action words like “how to”. When you get an idea for a blog, you will probably have a title in mind. Read more: Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Discover Your Next A/B Test. 1 Generate Titles From Blog Title Generator. Final takeaways on how to name your blog . If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can always hit the refresh button to generate a new list of unique titles. But you can also register different domain names like: In this case, although you may end up registering something like www.jfblog.com (because the first one is probably taken), your blog title can still be “John’s Food Blog”. “We also noticed there are two different intent phrases most people use when searching for this type of information: “asking for referral” and “recommendation”. (Many competitors still talk about Google Plus, yikes. The headline of your blog post could be to blame. But it’s sensible to assume that a good CTR makes your content appear more relevant to a user’s query–something Google aims to achieve with every search. SEO rich words are always a must in blog titles. You don’t have to put yourself under pressure to think of a creative blog post title. It may also determine whether or not they share your post. Both names are used to identify a blog, but the blog title can be easily changed at any moment while the domain name isn’t something you should alter (in rare cases, people do change their URLs but that’s not something you should worry at this point). If you want to get serious with your blog, you will want to pay for a domain name. Elise Dopson Are there specific trends you can identify, for example, when comparing 2-3 articles on similar topics?

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