LLM Overview: What is a Master of Laws Program? An LLM in business and commercial law can help students gain a complete grasp of laws that regulate among others, the financial and commercial operations of a company. 1. The short answer is that I believe commercial law has immense power for social good. If you think about it, for every single mother that loses her home to a bank foreclosure because she defaulted on a R18 loan, there is a lawyer representing that bank. Adherence to local laws at every step of a business venture – right from starting a new company to hiring employees and paying up taxes – is important to avoid being pulled-up for non-compliance. It is not true that the sole purpose of the law is to entrench and maintain the system and its excesses. Keep it up. Thank you for sharing this information about commercial law. Let’s explore six reasons for whom and why this course could prove a good choice. I must admit that the balance is intricate. I go on to clarify that by “commercial law” I mean trade and investment law (known in legal circles as banking and finance). Business law by itself is an umbrella term which usually spans commercial, corporate, and security laws and offers subject enthusiasts a deep understanding of several legalities that are associated with a business environment. Therefore, I haven’t thought as far as how I want to be part of the change in the system. Now and I again my friends, who seem never to pay attention to anything I tell them, ask me about my career plans. An LLM in business and commercial law can help students gain a complete grasp of laws that regulate among others, the financial and commercial operations of a company. “So, which area of law will you specialise in?” they ask. I've liked the study, thanks for empowering us with knowledge and understanding of business law.... Great article.. it's very different unique..thank you so much for sharing the article.enjoyed reading it. This would also enable you to make 'local' contacts. Profits are the sole incentive for foreign investors. About Us | All contributors must be over 16 year olds. While working or studying in commercial law one should consider this point as while going for law study one of the difficult point is to select the stream. Specialising in business and commercial law can help aspirants master the legal aspects of running a business, both local and international. Members of society like Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, St Thomas Aquinas, Hobbes, Dworkin and Sol Plaatjie, among others, became pre-occupied with how best to use the law to serve the interests of all the people, equally. The perception is not far-fetched. Many centuries ago the law evolved as a tool for monarchs to maintain order and control over their subjects. I hope that engagements with members of society and colleagues from the profession will give me headway. The capacity to understand business problems and working towards a suitable legal solutions will prove a definite advantage when facing job interviews and when on the job as well. The awe morphs to utter disgust. The effect is that the micro environment is not legally equipped or appropriately tailored to integrate into the global environment. Commercial laws too are not immune. Business students entering the corporate environment eventually will need to spruce up their understanding on the different laws that are at play in order to perform their jobs more effectively as they progress through the ranks. This course can help law students and lawyers hone their knowledge on different business challenges, opening up job opportunities in the business sector. Nice blog! [email protected] / @Brad_Cibane, The endless rhetoric about this being a career development opportunity sounds empty at best, deliberately misleading at worst. Whether from a business or legal background, students pursuing this course will be able to fully appreciate the legal requirements of a business, as well as the impact of these rules (both pros and cons) on the way in which the business functions. Terms and Conditions. Proficiency in business and commercial law will facilitate communications with fellow legal professionals in their own language, doing away with any chances of misinterpretations when dealing with business matters. LLB (UKZN), MIBL (UCL, France). 5. One should do a small research about all the fields of law before selecting one. It has become quite apparent that there is something very wrong with capitalism and thus the laws that maintain the system. Let’s explore six reasons for whom and why this course could prove a good choice. If I pursue LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from london, will I be able to apply for jobs in other foreign countries as well? Comment and analysis from across the continent. 4. © 2020 Postgrad.com | If you want to find out more about the law of contracts field, listen to Melanie Louw, the Head Tutor on the University of Cape Town Contract and Commercial Law online short course, as she unpacks the need for up-to-date skills. However, as societies evolved, the people soon recognised the aptitude of the law to act as more than just an imposition but as a tool to regulate affairs and to protect citizens from excesses of public power. Corporate firms need to comply with a whole gamut of laws, including but not limited to international law, intellectual property, trademarks, labour, commercial arbitration, finance, taxation, insurance, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and investment securities. Democracy isn’t possible without some consensus on what constitutes valid knowledge, Individuals have far more power to hold their leaders to account and effect thange than they think, If we are to succeed, we need to expertly navigate and facilitate collaboration processes, Postdoctoral fellowships and the economics of promises, Socrates and philosophy: Not honouring the gods of the city, One man’s quest for an independent Western Cape, A turnaround of inner-city decay in South Africa is crucial right now. What Can You Do With An LLM In Business Law? Conflicting messages about the pandemic beg us to go the way of philosophers and examine every claim to validity or truth, particularly with regard to evidence. For people that are into business it is important to study the basic commercial law that covers your business and the people working on your business. Pursuing a career in business requires aspirants to be aware of legalities that govern business environments. All businesses indeed are commercial ventures governed by local and international laws, based on the scope of operations. Achieving the intended results of this course is, of course, left to the student! When I tell them that I am training to specialise in commercial law, I see their curiosity whirling to awe. We spend our lives preoccupied with either surviving the system or finding alternatives to it. This is precisely why I have become interested in commercial law. Commerce affects all of us, and the need for competent contract law and commercial law professionals is higher than ever. 6. Business acumen backed by legal prowess is definitely bound to be a winning combination for any youngster venturing into the competitive business environment.

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